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How to Obtain Poe Divine Orbs by Efficient Crafting Amulets and Quivers?

In this guide, LOLTANK Vernie will share with you a Path of Exile crafting strategy that allowed us to create valuable items to Obtain Poe Currency. While some luck was involved, even without that luck, you can still expect to make around 28 items in an hour using this method. However, it's important to note that this strategy requires being online for an extended period of time. If you can only play the game for one or two hours per day, this strategy may not be suitable for you. Nevertheless, the investment of time can yield significant returns, as we will demonstrate.

How to Obtain Poe Divine Orbs by Efficient Crafting Amulets and Quivers?


Crafting Strategy Overview

The core of this strategy involves being available to respond to trades rather than actively playing the game. The process consists of crafting items quickly and then selling them promptly. Although it only took us one hour to craft the items, the actual time spent online waiting for trades to happen was much longer. It's essential to be online so that potential buyers can search for your items and contact you for trade offers.


Crafting Amulets

Crafting amulets is the most intricate part of this strategy. The goal is to create +2 amulets, primarily focusing on +2 fire variants due to their popularity among righteous fire players. Start with a base amulet that has three suffixes and fire damage to attacks. By using the Harvest crafting option Add/Remove Fire, you can guarantee a +1 fire modifier. However, keep in mind that there is a 20% chance of losing the +1 all skill gems modifier due to the number of existing modifiers.


To search for suitable amulets, adjust the filters on trade websites to include amulets with specific criteria. Look for amulets with two empty prefixes or one empty prefix and one empty suffix. These bases can be purchased at a reasonable cost, usually around 1.5 divine orbs. Once you have acquired the base, apply the Harvest crafting method and craft fire damage to attacks or another suitable modifier. If your amulet has three prefixes, you can use the bench craft option Cannot roll attack modifiers on the suffix for a guaranteed +1 fire modifier.


Crafting Quivers

Crafting physical quivers can be another profitable endeavor. However, the cost of crafting them with essences like Essence of Contempt can be high. An alternative approach is to use cheaper essences like fire, cold, or lightning damage to attacks. Look for fractured quiver bases with desirable fractured modifiers such as crit multiplier with bows or crit multiplier global. Adjust the trade filters accordingly to find suitable bases and essences. By targeting cheaper essences and modifiers, you can reduce costs while maintaining profitability.


Crafting and Selling Results

During our crafting session, we managed to craft 15 items, out of which 13 were sold. The remaining item, an amulet, is expected to sell for a significant price. The total investment for crafting these items was 76 divine orbs. The items sold quickly, with most of them being purchased within three days. The total sales value is estimated to be at least 130 divine orbs. After subtracting the initial investment, we made a profit of 54 divine orbs in 70 minutes, equating to approximately 47 divine orbs per hour.



Crafting multiple items in Path of Exile can be a lucrative venture if approached strategically. By focusing on crafting +2 amulets and quivers, you can generate significant profits in a short amount of time. Remember to optimize your online presence to be available for trade offers and use trade filters effectively to find suitable bases and modifiers. With dedication and some luck, you too can achieve success in the crafting game of Path of Exile.

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