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Top POE Maps for Making Currency and Loot in Patch 3.21 Guides

Welcome to our guide on the top maps of Patch 3.21 in Path of Exile. In this article, we will discuss the factors that make certain maps stand out and provide you with a list of the best maps based on their unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you're looking for Poe Currency, specific loot, favorable tile sets, interaction with past League mechanics, or synergy with your character's playstyle, we've got you covered.

Top POE Maps for Making Currency and Loot in Patch 3.21 Guides


Factors Influencing Map Selection:


- Loot Specific to the Map:

Some maps have valuable divination cards and other loot that make them particularly rewarding. For example, maps like Crimson Temple and Defiled Cathedral offer top-tier divination cards, making them excellent choices for maximizing Currency rewards.


- Tile Set Layout:

Consider how easy it is to navigate through a map and the number of obstructions present. Maps like Strand excel in this aspect with straightforward layouts, while maps like Cells or Dungeon may pose challenges due to their maze-like structures.


- Agency over Eldritch Altars:

Jungle Valley stands out as the best choice here, as it allows you to clear the entire map and guarantee beneficial options from Eldritch Altars. Maps like Mausoleum also offer this advantage.


- Interactions with Past League Mechanics:

Choose maps that align with the League mechanics you're running. For example, if you're running Breach or Legion, opt for wide-open tile sets like Beach or Dunes. If Blight is your focus, consider constrained maps like Toxic Sewer or Waste Pool.


- Consider Your Character's Strengths and Weaknesses:

Certain maps suit specific character builds better. For instance, Toxic Sewer is excellent for righteous Fire builds, while wide-open maps like Strand or Atoll favor builds with wide damage projection, such as Tornado Shot or Corrupting Fever.


Adjacent Maps:

Maps adjacent to each other in the Southeast corner of the Atlas, like Strand, offer increased chances to drop maps nearby. Consider running maps with tolerable layouts in this region or use Horizon Orbs to reroll unfavorable maps into more desirable ones.


Maximizing Eldritch Altars and Divination Cards:

Jungle Valley is a top choice due to its Eldritch Altar interactions. The boss's absence or delayed spawn guarantees options affecting both the player and Eldritch minions. However, it lacks strong divination cards. Crimson Temple and Defiled Cathedral offer the best balance between Eldritch Altars and high-value divination cards, such as the Apothecary and Seven Years Bad Luck.


Optimizing Atlas Mechanics Synergy:

Consider your Atlas setup and focus on mechanics that align with it. Atoll is an excellent choice for Harvest, Blight, and The Crucible Forge encounters. Its layout allows for quick checks on event locations, making it efficient for targeted farming.


Top Maps for Each Tier:


- Gold Tier (1-2)

Crimson Temple and Defiled Cathedral offer the best overall rewards with top-tier divination cards and strong layouts.


- Silver Tier

Atoll and Dunes stand out for their excellent layouts, making navigation through the map smooth. They also synergize well with different League mechanics.


- Bronze Tier

Toxic Sewer shines for righteous Fire builds due to its layout. Vile Temple is unique, featuring additional vile vessels and special chests that contain valuable double-corrupted items and Invasion bosses.



When selecting maps in Path of Exile, consider the specific loot, tile set layout, interactions with past League mechanics, your character's strengths, adjacent maps, and Eldritch Altar agency. Based on these factors, maps like Crimson Temple, Defiled Cathedral, Atoll, and Dunes emerge as top.

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