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Path of Exile Crucible Rarity of Rampage Mods on Bows Guides

Welcome, fellow Exiles, to an exciting discussion about the fascinating dynamics of the Path of Exile Crucible League economy. In this guide, we will delve into the rare and coveted Rampage mods on Bows and other weapons, which have caused quite a stir within the community. Join us as we explore the origins, strategies, and potential opportunities surrounding these elusive mods.

Path of Exile Crucible Rarity of Rampage Mods on Bows Guides


Unveiling the Rarity of Rampage Mods

The Rampage mod in Crucible is an exceptionally rare outcome, found exclusively in the fourth column of your Crucible tree. Unlike other mods, it cannot be unveiled onto an item. Instead, the only way to obtain a weapon with Rampage is through the merging process at The Crucible Forge. By merging two items, either at level 80 or level 84, there is a chance for one of the mods on the Crucible tray to transform into Rampage. However, it should be noted that Rampage is just one of several potential outcomes, making its appearance even more elusive.


The Soaring Prices and Recent Changes

Due to the scarcity of Rampage mods, their prices have been exorbitantly high. In the past, these bows fetched over a hundred Divine Orbs, but recently, they have dropped to approximately 10 Divine Orbs. The reason for this drastic price change lies in the optimization techniques employed by traders. These individuals have been mass-producing Rampage-modded weapons, utilizing various strategies such as further tree mergers and the utilization of split base or fractured fossils.


Understanding GGG's Stance on Item Duplication

Concerns about item duplication and potential cheating have naturally arisen with the rise of Rampage mods. However, Grinding Gear Games (GGG) has explicitly stated that this process does not fall under cheating. Since it consumes rare resources like fractured fossils and split bases, GGG considers it a legitimate method for acquiring these highly sought-after mods. This stance was established earlier during the Divine printer phenomenon, where Crucible mods with the text This item vendors for three additional Divine Orbs" were extensively used.


Embracing the Rarity

Obtaining Rampage mods is an arduous task, as it requires merging together numerous high-level items. The rarity of Rampage is estimated to be approximately one in a thousand or even one in 1500, based on data mining information. However, these figures are subject to interpretation and may vary. Nonetheless, being one of the first to acquire a Rampage-modded weapon, especially for less popular weapon types like daggers or one-handed swords, could prove highly profitable. The initial steps of the duplication process outlined by Lucas Incredible will determine its viability and potential success.


Market Implications and Opportunities

The increased demand for Rampage bases is likely to impact the prices of fractured fossils and split bases. If you enjoy farming these resources, this development presents an excellent opportunity for you. Not only can you obtain Rampage bases at comparatively lower Poe Currency, but you can also sell the reagents generated through your farming endeavors to those engaging in market arbitrage. This situation creates a win-win scenario for both traders and farmers.



In conclusion, the Crucible League's economy has been enlivened by the emergence of Rampage mods, offering both challenges and opportunities for Path of Exile enthusiasts. While the rarity of Rampage makes it a difficult prize to acquire, those who navigate this complex market wisely can reap substantial rewards. Stay informed, embrace the strategies outlined by Lucas Incredible, and may your path be paved with the riches of the Crucible Forge. See you on the battlefield, Exiles!

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