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POE Farming Poe Divine Orbs with Solo 5-Way Legion Guides

In this guide, we will explore a low-investment strategy for profiting from solo 5-Way Legions in Path of Exile. This method requires only one POE Divine Orb, resulting in five or six sets, making it a cost-effective approach. With easy setup, no sections, scarabs, or XP leeches to worry about, and consistent profits, this strategy proves to be superior to many mapping strategies. Additionally, there is potential for valuable drops like Timeless Jewels, offering a chance for significant profits. Let's delve into the details of this profitable solo venture.



POE Farming Poe Divine Orbs with Solo 5-Way Legion Guides


Strategy Overview

  • Slow Race Attack: The key to maximizing rewards in this strategy is to reset every 19 seconds instead of instantly. This technique ensures the highest possible number of rewards. Resetting precisely at the designated time optimizes your profit potential.
  • Suitable for Normal and Uber 5-Ways: This strategy works for both normal and Uber 5-Ways, allowing you to maximize your earnings on either difficulty. The solo setup eliminates the need to coordinate with other players and provides consistent results.



  • Low investment cost with around one Divine required for five or six sets.
  • Easy setup without the need for sections, scarabs, or XP leeches.
  • No waiting time; you can start and complete the 5-Way at your convenience.
  • Consistent profit with an average of 10 lines of profit per run.
  • Potential for valuable drops, including Timeless Jewels, Simulacrum Splinters, and other valuable items.
  • Quick completion time of around six minutes per 5-Way.



  • Lower experience gain for both gems and players compared to other methods.
  • Limited ability to carry other players due to the high kill requirement.
  • Requires a well-optimized build for efficient runs.
  • Less opportunity for valuable currency incubators.
  • Not suitable for RF or damage over time builds; ranged and projectile-based builds work best.


Resetting and Boss Wave Strategy

  • Reset Timing: Start the reset when the Maraketh boss (dinosaur) is closest to your position. Resetting at this point allows you to kill the boss and then proceed in a clockwise circle around the area. Make sure to kill every boss within the 14 seconds, ensuring you have around five seconds remaining in the wave before resetting.
  • Optimal Reset Positions: The best reset positions are usually in the area where the Maraketh boss spawns. Being as close as possible to this boss allows you to kill it quickly. Resetting in this area ensures a more efficient run.


Tips and Additional Information

  • Build Requirements: Opt for a build with fast clearing speed and decent boss damage. Projectile-based skills like Kinetic Blast and Tornado Shot, as well as builds utilizing Spectres, Lightning Arrow, or Blade Vortex, work exceptionally well. Explode-based or physical damage-focused builds perform best.
  • Off-Screen Killing: When possible, off-screen kill the bottom-left boss, known as the Box. This prevents him from activating his shield ability, which summons six statues around him, adding unnecessary time to the run.
  • Utilize Incubators: Make sure to use incubators or natures, with the preferred options being Harbingers and Cartographers. These provide additional profit opportunities during your runs.
  • Leveling Gems: Equip a bow and Maloney's Mechanism in your weapon swap to level up gems during the runs. White sockets on these items facilitate the leveling process.
  • Player Count and Loot: The number of players in the party does not affect loot drops. Running solo ensures you get the full share of the rewards.
  • Challenge Tool pricing: To sell Challenge Tools more easily, gradually lower the price over time until they sell. If they don't sell at a certain price point, it's unlikely they will sell much higher.


Profit Breakdown

  • Sets Run: 50
  • Divines Invested: 10 (obtained by trading 5 sets per Divine)
  • Divines Earned: 58 (around 6 Divines per Divine invested)


Profit Calculation

  • Total Profit: 58 Divines
  • Average Profit per Hour: 10 Divines
  • Average Time per Set: 6 minutes (5 minutes for the encounter, 1 minute for looting)


Factors Affecting Profit

  • Valuable Items: The majority of profit comes from easily sellable items, such as stack decks, raw Divines, currency, scarabs, fossils, and fragments.
  • Timeless Jewels: Timeless Jewels can vary in price, but on average, they are considered 25 chaos orbs (c) each. You can obtain an average of 3.4 Timeless Jewel drops per set.
  • Gem Leveling: Leveling gems can provide additional profit, but it wasn't considered in this breakdown. However, it is estimated that gem leveling can yield at least half a Divine per hour or more.


Running a 5-Way Legion Encounter

  • Start by using a normal emblem and locate the Maraketh bosses.
  • Set a timer and wait until around one second left on the timer to perform the first reset.
  • Clear the encounter, focusing on killing the Maraketh bosses first, and then proceed in a clockwise circle, ensuring all bosses are defeated.
  • Reset the encounter when the green circle symbol disappears, indicating the boss is dead.
  • Repeat this process for subsequent runs, following the timer at the top of the screen.



Running solo 5-Way Legions can be a profitable strategy in Path of Exile. With an average profit of 10 Divines per hour, it offers a better return compared to other strategies. The majority of profit comes from easily sellable items like stack decks, raw Divines, and currency. Timeless Jewels can also contribute significantly to the profit, with an average of 3.4 drops per set. Additionally, gem leveling can further enhance your profit potential. Use the provided example run and build to get started and adapt it to suit your playstyle and available resources.

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