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Diablo 4 Endgame Guide: Activities and Dungeons

With Diablo 4's full release approaching rapidly, many players have had the opportunity to participate in the public beta test and get a taste of the game's early stages. However, the true meat of the game lies in the endgame activities. In this guide, we will discuss the Diablo 4 various activities available at the endgame, why you should engage in them, and provide details on how they work. Additionally, we will explore the strength of each class in an endgame context.



Diablo 4 Endgame Guide: Activities and Dungeons


Unlocking World Tiers and Capstone Dungeons

To begin, let's discuss the capstone dungeons, which play a crucial role in progressing through the game. Initially, you will have access to World Tiers 1 and 2, serving as early difficulty levels. However, reaching World Tier 3 is essential for unlocking the full endgame experience. To unlock World Tier 3, you must complete the main story in one of the earlier World Tiers and then conquer a capstone dungeon. Completing one capstone dungeon will unlock World Tier 3, and completing another will unlock World Tier 4. These dungeons are challenging experiences designed to test your skills and ensure your readiness for the higher World Tiers. Most players will likely encounter the first capstone dungeon between levels 45 and 50, although it is possible to complete it at level 45 if you have a solid build and skill.


Whispers of the Dead and Nightmare Dungeons

Upon completing the capstone dungeon, you will enter the full endgame experience of Diablo 4. One of the first activities you'll unlock is Whispers of the Dead. This daily grinding system involves completing quests given by a tree. These quests typically involve killing specific enemy types or completing objectives in certain areas. Each completed quest earns you favors, and when you accumulate ten favors, you receive a chest of loot, Diablo 4 Gold and a Nightmare Sigil.


Nightmare Sigils are crucial for accessing Nightmare Dungeons, which offer a significant step up in difficulty compared to regular dungeons. Nightmare Dungeons introduce unique modifiers and increase the health and damage of enemies. By completing Nightmare Dungeons, you level up your Nightmare Sigil and receive loot rewards, including upgrades for a specific Paragon Glyph of your choice.


Nightmare Dungeons come with major and minor affixes that affect the gameplay experience. Major affixes, such as the Hell Portal, can spawn random monsters from various zones, while minor affixes offer statistical buffs or unique effects. It's worth noting that Nightmare Dungeons have a limited number of deaths allowed, which decreases as your Nightmare Sigil level increases. Completing Nightmare Dungeons is a challenging feat that requires careful gearing and strong builds.


HellTides and Fields of Hatred

Another notable endgame activity is the HellTide system, a major world event that occurs in World Tier 3 and above. During a HellTide, a specific area on the map becomes designated as a HellTide zone for about one hour. In this zone, monsters are significantly buffed, and unique events take place. Defeating monsters during HellTides grants a currency called cinders, which can be used to open HellTide caches containing specific gear pieces. Hell Tides provide an opportunity to target specific gear slots or legendary items.


Additionally, Diablo 4 features Fields of Hatred, the game's primary PvP system. These PvP-enabled areas, called Fields of Hatred, allow players to engage in PvP combat either solo or in groups. Participating in these areas can result in acquiring shards dropped by monsters and bosses. If you die in the Fields of Hatred, you lose all your shards, and other players can loot them from you. Purifying shards at designated locations turns them into red dust, a currency used to purchase cosmetics.

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