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ESO Ultimate Guide: 15 Essential Tips and Hidden Features

With a new chapter and arc in ESO class, it's the perfect time for both new and experienced players to dive into the game. However, ESO's in-game tutorials can be lacking, leaving players unaware of important information. This guide aims to bridge that gap by providing essential tips and hidden features that will enhance your ESO experience. Even seasoned players may discover hidden gems within this guide.



ESO Ultimate Guide: 15 Essential Tips and Hidden Features


How to Build Ultimate?

Generating ultimate is crucial in ESO, and there are various ways to do so. However, the most effective method involves utilizing an invisible buff that activates during combat. By performing a light attack or heavy attack, your character receives a hidden buff that generates three ultimate per second for nine seconds. Make sure to incorporate light or heavy attacks into your combat rotation to maintain a steady flow of ultimate abilities.


Heavy Attacks for Resource Restoration

In ESO, heavy attacks serve as an extended basic attack and are instrumental in quickly restoring your resources. The type of resource restored depends on the weapon you have equipped. Magika-based weapons (Destruction Staff and Restoration Staff) restore magicka, while physical weapons (Dual Wield, Two-Handed, One-Hand and Shield, and Bow) restore stamina. Incorporate heavy attacks into your gameplay to replenish your resources and cast abilities more frequently.


2-Handed Weapon Bonuses

Equipping two weapons from the same set grants you set-piece bonuses. However, ESO doesn't explicitly mention that a two-handed weapon, such as a maul or a greatsword, doubles up the weapon bonus. Even if you technically equip only one set piece, you will still receive the two-piece set bonus. This applies to all two-handed weapons, including bows, destruction staves, and restoration staves.


Understanding Where Set Pieces Come From

Obtaining specific gear pieces can be confusing in ESO, especially when it comes to overland sets. Here's a breakdown of where you can find different set pieces:

  • Delve Bosses: Drop belt and feet pieces.
  • Public Dungeon Bosses: Drop gloves, shoulders, and weapons.
  • World Bosses: Drop helmet, chest, legs, and weapons.
  • Zone World Events (e.g., dolmens): Drop jewellery (necklaces and rings).
  • Random Enemies: Have a small chance to drop any random set piece.
  • Treasure Chests: You can drop random pieces.
  • Quests: Some zones have quests that reward specific set pieces.


Binding and Set Collection

When you receive set drops, it's essential to bind them to your character immediately. Binding enables the powerful set collection feature in ESO. Once a set piece is bound, it gets added to your set collections. This feature helps you organize your collected pieces and allows you to reconstruct them using a transmute station. Additionally, bound set pieces won't drop again, ensuring you receive different items the next time.


Zero to Hero Academy

ESO's lack of comprehensive explanations can be frustrating for new players. To address this issue, the ESO Zero to Hero Academy offers a step-by-step system to help you create your own powerful and enjoyable builds. With over 25 lessons and two hours of video content, this online learning platform will guide you from a beginner to a master build crafter in just a few hours. Check out the guide and preview the included lessons by clicking on the link provided.


How Wayshrines Work?

The way shrines work in ESO can be confusing, but here's how it actually functions. When you travel to a wayshrine, there is a default or minimum cost, usually based on your character level. However, the cost does not depend on the distance travelled. To avoid high costs, approach the nearest wayshrine directly and use the interact button to open your map. By navigating through the wayshrine itself, you can travel for free and load directly to the next shrine without waiting for the fast travel animation.


How to Travel by Ship?

If you want to reach new zones on a new character without any wayshrines unlocked, you can use the travel-by-ship method. Each starting alliance city has docks and ships that can take you to different zones within that alliance and even some DLC zones. Talk to the navigator in the starting city, select your desired destination, and unlock new zones quickly.


Unlocking Guild Skills

Before leaving the main cities, make sure to unlock your guild skill lines, including the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted Guild. Speak to the representative for each guild and express your desire to join. Unlocking these guilds allows you to level up and access useful skills and passives over time.


How to Level Skills?

To level up most skills in ESO, you need to have them placed on your active skill bar when gaining experience. Start by placing the first skill from each of your three class skill lines on your bar. These skills will gain ranks equally, levelling up your three class skill lines simultaneously. Add a fourth skill, typically a weapon skill, to level up four skill lines at once. This approach allows you to level up multiple skill lines efficiently.


Better Ways to Get Skill Points

While many players focus on finding sky shards for skill points, there are better ways to obtain them. Levelling up grants you one to three skill points per level, making it the primary method early on. Public dungeons, battlegrounds, PvP, main story quests, dungeons, and DLC and alliance zone stories all reward skill points. These methods provide more skill points and are more engaging than hunting for skyshards.


Quick Cast Ground Skills Setting

Ground-based AoEs that require targeting, such as the volley skill, can be challenging to use. In the gameplay settings, change the "Quick Cast Ground Abilities" option from automatic to on. This allows you to use ground-based skills by pressing the skill button only once, saving time and increasing efficiency.


Block Casting

Blocking in ESO reduces damage and prevents knockdown from heavy attacks. However, it is not commonly known that you can block and cast abilities simultaneously. This technique, known as block casting, is useful for survival and is particularly advantageous for tank builds and PvP content. Hold the block and press a skill button to cast the ability while maintaining the block.


Use the Armory for Free Respecs

Save thousands of gold on respect costs by utilizing the Armory feature in the Crown Store's housing menu. The Armory is not just for saving builds; it also offers free respecs. Ensure you have one build slot empty and use the Armory station to completely reset your character, including skill points, attribute points, and champion points. Keep in mind that you'll lose your Mundus Stone and any curses if you're a vampire or a werewolf.


Champion Points on all Characters

Once you reach level 50 and start earning Champion Points (CP) on one character, you can use those CPs on other characters on your account, even if they are below level 50. This feature allows you to make levelling alternate and new characters more convenient. Assign CP stars that provide bonuses, such as increased movement speed or stamina sustain, to aid your low-level characters.


How to Reconstruct Mythics?

If you've acquired mythic items, you'll be pleased to know that they can be reconstructed, saving you a significant amount of time. Visit a transmute station and navigate to the reconstruction section, specifically the miscellaneous section under antiquities. Here, you can reconstruct any mythic item you've previously completed for just 25 transmute crystals. This eliminates the need to collect new leads and go through the excavation process again, making it easier to obtain mythic for your alts.



ESO is a complex game with many hidden mechanics and features that are not well-explained in the tutorials. This guide aims to provide valuable information and tips to both new and experienced players. From generating ultimate and restoring resources with heavy attacks to understanding set bonuses and acquiring set pieces, this guide covers essential aspects of gameplay. By utilizing the information in this guide, players can enhance their ESO experience and create powerful and enjoyable builds.

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