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Path of Exile Easy Invitations Farming Currency Strategy Guides

Invitations in Path of Exile play a significant role in the game's endgame content known as Maven's Crucible. These valuable items can be crafted and placed in your Map Device to access specific boss encounters. However, before using an invitation, you must first prove your strength to The Maven by defeating the bosses required for that particular invitation. You can achieve this by activating the Maven's Beacon on your Map Device before opening the portals. Welcome to our farming Currency strategy guide in Path of Exile! We are incredibly excited to share this easy and profitable method with you. It's a nuclear-friendly Poe Currency strategy that will surely amaze you. 

Path of Exile Easy Invitations Farming Currency Strategy Guides



To implement this strategy, you will need three key elements:

  • Unlock the Searing Exarch button and influence.
  • Have 19 Atlas points (although you can still proceed with fewer points).
  • Obtain Tier 14+ maps, which can be white, blue, or rare.


Invitation Farming

The essence of this strategy revolves around invitation farming, specifically focusing on the Eater of Worlds or Searing Exarch invitations. These invitations pop and drop when you fill the progress circle in your Atlas. You don't need to kill the boss to make progress; instead, you just need to spawn the monsters.


Executing the Strategy

  • Acquire Tier 14+ maps: Gather a collection of these maps, either from your stash tab or by purchasing them from other players.
  • Ensure influence unlock: Make sure you have the Searing Exarch button and influence unlocked by following the corresponding questline.
  • Accumulate progress points: Each time you encounter the red or blue aura and the first pack of monsters spawns, you gain progress towards the invitation. You can leave the map immediately after this point.


Efficient town portal methods

You have three options for quickly returning to town:

  • a. Use town portal scrolls.
  • b. Utilize a portal gem (preferably 20% quality for faster casting speed).
  • c. Equip a weapon with a trigger a socketed spell on skill use (such as a cyclone skill) to automatically cast a portal.


Optimizing the Strategy

  • Allocating Atlas points: If you have 19 Atlas points available, consider investing them in the passives that boost progress towards encountering the Searing Exarch or Eater of Worlds. These passives increase the chance of double progress, making the strategy even faster.
  • Choosing between Eater of Worlds and Searing Exarch: The price difference between the invitations is relatively small, so you can opt for either based on personal preference. Eater of Worlds has a chance to drop Divination cards, while Searing Exarch is a viable choice if you prefer a different map-running strategy.
  • Streamlining the process: Through practice and familiarity, you can optimize the speed of your rotations. Consider learning maps with straightforward layouts, such as Atoll, Strand, or Crimson Temple.
  • Selling excess maps: If you accumulate a surplus of Tier 14+ maps, consider selling them to other players using the "maps want to buy" section of the TFT Discord server.


Results and Profit

By running this strategy, you can convert a stack of maps into significant profits. Even at a conservative estimate of one Chaos Orb per map, you can turn 25 Chaos into around 175 Chaos Orbs in just 10 minutes. This equates to approximately four to five Divination cards per hour.



The invitation farming strategy in Path of Exile offers a simple and lucrative way to generate wealth. With the right preparations and execution, you can turn ordinary Tier 14+ maps into valuable invitations. Remember to adapt the Poe Currency strategy based on your preferences and available resources.

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