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How to Choosing the Best Class for Diablo 4 Endgame?

In this Diablo 4 guide, we'll help you pick the best class for endgame content. What sets this guide apart is that we've extensively played all classes at endgame with multiple builds per class. We'll provide insights into their playstyles and how they feel in later stages of the game. It's important to note that all classes are powerful at endgame if built correctly, so your enjoyment will come from the playstyle you prefer. Let's dive into a summary of each class's performance at endgame to help you make an informed choice.




How to Choosing the Best Class for Diablo 4 Endgame?

The Sorceress/Sorcerer is an intelligence-based caster class, perfect for players who enjoy controlling the battlefield and dealing elemental damage. With freezing, burning, and stunning effects, this class offers a spectacle of visual effects. The Sorceress relies on a combination of skills and equipment, often requiring some investment in survivability due to their low health pool. Glass cannon builds can also be viable, but survivability may become a challenge. The enchantment system allows for gameplay variety by benefiting from skills even when not actively using them. The main playstyles include Pyromancer (burst DPS and AoE), Freeze and Control (controlling the battlefield), Lightning and Speed (fast-paced, mobility-focused gameplay), and Master of the Elements (status ailments and barriers).



  • Battlefield control skills with various options
  • Different types of elemental damage
  • High damage output and guided gameplay
  • Easy for new players to understand and manage skills



  • Limited equipment space for aspects
  • Low health, requiring survival skills or barriers
  • Some builds can become repetitive
  • Longer wait times between encounters due to elemental consumption and resource generation mechanics


Recommendation: Pyromancer Sorceress for a great mix of damage and fanfare.



Necromancers are the summoner class in Diablo 4, capable of playing at range or in melee. Intelligence is their main stat, and they excel at summoning minions and providing support while weakening enemies. The unique corpse mechanic is essential to their playstyle, requiring the management of multiple resources such as essence, corpses, health, and blood orbs. Tactical gameplay enthusiasts will enjoy this class, as it allows for planning and control from a safe distance. The Necromancer can sacrifice minions to boost personal power, making it viable for solo play. Each playstyle feels distinct, and the Book of the Dead allows personalization of minion types to suit your build.



  • Safe playstyle with minions protecting you
  • Variety of distinct builds
  • New player-friendly with minions doing most of the work
  • Good early game performance



  • Overwhelming resource and mechanics management
  • Long cooldowns at high-level play
  • Dependent on equipment for some builds
  • Limited aspects due to equipment slots


Recommendation: Choose the build that aligns with your playstyle preferences, such as Solo Overpower Burst Damage or Summoner.



The Druid is a nature-based class that can summon companions, shapeshift, and command the elements to defeat their foes. Their main stat is willpower, which increases their skill damage and overpower damage, synergizing well with certain skills. The Druid offers a versatile playstyle, allowing you to switch between melee and casting. They excel in AoE damage but may struggle with single-target damage, particularly against powerful enemies like bosses, especially in the early stages of the game. Managing Spirit, the Druid's resource, can be challenging initially. Spirit Boons are a unique mechanic that allows you to bond with different spirits, providing unique passive bonuses that can change your build entirely. Customizing and adjusting these Spirit Boons based on your build is a significant aspect of playing the Druid. Druids use barriers and the fortify mechanic for survivability.



  • Ability to summon companions
  • Wide variety of playstyles
  • High damage potential with proper build optimization
  • Relatively tanky compared to some other classes



  • Slow start and challenging Spirit management for new players
  • Synergies between skills may not be obvious, requiring trial and error
  • Some playstyles may be heavily dependent on specific legendary aspects
  • Limited aspects due to fewer equipment slots compared to other classes


Recommendation: Choose a playstyle that aligns with your preferences, such as Werewolf, Werebear, Nature Magic, or a hybrid style combining shape-shifting and spellcasting.



Barbarians are strength-based melee fighters, perfect for players who enjoy close-quarters combat and feeling the power of their skills against enemies. The Barbarian has high health and provides access to the Fortified mechanic, which relies on the amount of health you have compared to the damage taken. Managing your health becomes crucial for optimal performance. The main playstyles for Barbarians include Whirlwind Barbarian (maneuvering the battlefield to defeat packs of enemies), Bleeding Skills (applying massive damage over time), Combo Style Damage (creating powerful one-shot combos), and Support (boosting companion abilities and tanking enemies).



  • Intense close-quarters combat
  • Arsenal system for swapping between different weapons and enhancing skills
  • Access to more offensive legendary aspects with more weapon slots
  • Tanky with high health pool



  • No ranged attacks, limited to melee combat
  • Slow start and requires careful character planning
  • Higher skill cap compared to some other classes
  • Limited flexibility in playstyles due to specific builds


Recommendation: Whirlwind Barbarian for a fast-paced and satisfying experience with unique gameplay.



The Rogue is a versatile class that focuses on dexterity and critical strikes. They excel in mobility, allowing players to quickly switch between melee and ranged combat. The Rogue has crowd control and debuffing abilities, as well as strong AoE and single-target damage options. Players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and continuously casting skills will find this class appealing. However, the Rogue has a higher skill cap and may require more concentration to play effectively. They have a wide range of builds, but many of them are specific and require min-maxing. Rogues have lower health but rely on dodge mechanics, damage reduction skills, and mobility to survive.



  • Versatile playstyle, easily transitioning between melee and ranged
  • High mobility for quick repositioning on the battlefield
  • Crowd control and survivability options
  • Multiple offensive aspects due to a good amount of equipment slots



  • Specific builds require min-maxing
  • Higher skill cap and concentration required
  • Constant movement and button smashing may not suit all players
  • Mechanically heavy gameplay in some builds


Recommendation: Choose a playstyle that suits your preference, such as Shadow Imbuement, Poison and Boomin, Trapper, or Burst Crit Damage, depending on your desired approach.



Each class offers unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to different player preferences. Consider your preferred playstyle, whether it's summoning companions, melee combat, ranged attacks, or a combination of various mechanics. Experimenting with different builds and aspects will be essential to finding the optimal playstyle for your enjoyment at endgame. 

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