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Making Gold Before the Patch 29th Skill in RuneScape Necromancy

The recent reveal of the new skill, Necromancy, has stirred up excitement and anticipation in the RuneScape community. With a unique combat style on the horizon, there's plenty to unpack and plan for. In this guide, we'll explore ways to make Runescape GP even before the release of Necromancy. So, let's dive in and discuss some lucrative opportunities. Remember that the information in this guide may become outdated after publication, so act responsibly and adapt as needed.

Making Gold Before the Patch 29th Skill in RuneScape Necromancy


Stock Up on Bones

As expected, Necromancy heavily involves bones. If you haven't been hoarding them, it is time to start. Certain bones, such as wyvern, dragonkin, dinosaur, frost dragon, reinforced big bones, normal bones, and more, will be in high demand. Farming creatures like Frost Dragons or Wyverns allow you to accumulate substantial bones, providing an excellent opportunity to make some serious Gold.


Pro tip: Adjust your Bone Crusher settings to pick up noted bones, and consider activating the Death Note Relic to keep track of bone drops efficiently.


Conquer the Corporeal Beast Log

To prepare for Necromancy, you'll need a Respected Spirit Shield. Combine a Spectral Sigil with a Blessed Spirit Shield to create this valuable item. Spectral Spirit Shields are already quite pricey due to their rarity, making now a perfect time to tackle the Corporeal Beast and grind for the necessary drops.


Revisit Bosses for Subjugation Gear

Necromancy requires pieces of Subjugation gear, specifically the chest, head, and legs. Instead of relying on luck, consider returning to Kril Tsutsaroth, where the drops are more common. Whether you've procrastinated on completing the Kril log or missing the excitement of God Wars Dungeon 1, this is an ideal opportunity to relive your glory days while capitalizing on the demand for Subjugation items.


Shop Runs for Quick Profit

If you're comfortable with shop runs, there's a fantastic opportunity to make quick GP. People are buying items they anticipate needing for Necromancy, including spider silk chests, hot legs, and white candles. White candles, in particular, are currently selling for significantly more than their shop price. You can find these candles in various locations, such as Catherine in Ardougne, Calder Grim in Mort'ton, Karamja, Lighthouse, Shilo Village, and Anachronia. Take advantage of this market and buy/sell these items for a tidy profit.



The Necromancy reveal in RuneScape has opened up numerous opportunities to make GP even before the release of the 29th skill. Whether you're stockpiling bones, conquering bosses for valuable drops, or engaging in shop runs for sought-after items, there are plenty of ways to capitalize on Necromancy hype. Stay tuned for more information and updates, and adapt your strategies as the situation evolves.

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