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RuneScape Fourth Combat Style Necromancy Comprehensive Guides

The recent announcement of introducing Necromancy as a fourth combat style in RuneScape has brought a wave of excitement among players. This new combat style promises a fully-fledged experience, introducing unique weapons and armour. In this guide, we will delve into some important aspects of Necromancy that every player should know. 

RuneScape Fourth Combat Style Necromancy Comprehensive Guides


Understanding Necromancy as a Combat Style

Necromancy is not just an extension of existing combat styles like melee, magic, or ranged. It is a unique combat style designed from the ground up, offering a fresh experience to players. The combat style introduces new weapons and armour specific to Necromancy. Jagex aims to address the issues faced by new players in understanding combat by providing a more in-depth tutorial through the quest line associated with Necromancy.


Market Stabilization

With the release of a new skill, players often rush to buy items associated with it, leading to skyrocketing prices and difficulties in obtaining them. However, this time, Jagex has taken a different approach by releasing a complete list of items used in Necromancy. This early release of the item list allows the market to stabilize, preventing excessive merchanting and giving players the opportunity to plan their purchases strategically. You can find the list in the news post linked in the description of this guide.


Gear Progression

Necromancy offers an exciting approach to gear progression. Instead of simply buying high-level gear from the Grand Exchange with Runescape Gold, players will start with lower-level gear and gradually upgrade it as they progress through quests and level up the skill. This provides a more accessible and cost-effective path for players to obtain tier-90 gear without spending a fortune. However, certain items required for the upgrades may still need to be acquired from other players. Keep an eye on the item list provided by Jagex to plan your gear progression effectively.


The Talent Tree System

Necromancy introduces a unique talent tree system, making it the first combat style in RuneScape to have one. As you progress through the skill, you can permanently upgrade and change your abilities by making choices within the talent tree. It is important to note that you will eventually unlock all the upgrades, so there's no need to worry about missing out on certain choices. However, once you allocate talent points, you cannot reassign them until you unlock all the other options. This offers a personalized levelling experience and allows players to customize their combat style.


Levelling Necromancy

You can level up Necromancy through combat or non-combat activities like rituals. While the best method is yet to be determined, combat seems to be a preferred option for many players. However, Jagex has mentioned that the combat XP rates for Necromancy will be slightly nerfed to prevent players from quickly rushing through the skill. This decision aims to make the journey more engaging and balanced. Remember that levelling Necromancy may also increase your combat level, so skills should consider this when deciding on their training methods.



Introducing Necromancy as a fourth combat style in RuneScape brings excitement and opportunities for both new and returning players. It offers a unique combat experience, a stable market environment, gear progression through upgrades, a talent tree system, and various ways to level up. Jagex's focus on addressing player feedback and improving the new player experience showcases its dedication to creating a well-rounded skill.

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