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Path of Exile 3.21 Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker Builds

In this guide, we will explore a unique and interesting build called the Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker. This build utilizes a powerful axe and a combination of magic find gear to maximize item quantity and rarity. While this build may not be as popular or commonly seen, it offers a fresh and original approach to playing Path of Exile. Join us as we delve into the details of this poe build and showcase its potential.



Path of Exile 3.21 Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker Builds


Overview of the Build

The Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker build heavily relies on a well-crafted axe, which serves as the cornerstone of the entire setup. The main objective of any magic find build is to equip a powerful weapon along with dedicated magic find gear that focuses solely on increasing item quantity and rarity. In this build, the character boasts about 80% increased item quantity and over 400% increased item rarity, making it highly competitive with other meta magic find builds.


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Mapping Strategy

The effectiveness of this build varies depending on the type of map you choose. While open maps like Cemetery favor bow characters, the Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker build excels in tight corridors such as Crimson Temple. The build showcases remarkable speed and efficiency in clearing maps, allowing you to farm valuable items. Keep in mind that the performance of this build can be further enhanced by choosing the right map modifiers and utilizing various strongboxes.


Atlas Tree:


Mapping Performance

Map Selection: The build thrives in maps with tight corridors, making Crimson Temple an excellent choice. However, it may not be as efficient on more open maps like Cemetery, where ranged characters shine. Adapt your map selection based on your preferred playstyle.

Performance Highlights: The showcased map run demonstrates the build's exceptional clearing speed and survivability. While the build excels without Headhunter buffs, utilizing them enhances its strength further. It is worth noting that the build handles most content smoothly, except for challenging encounters like Beyond bosses or Delirium bosses without Headhunter buffs.


Understanding the Mechanics

To better comprehend this build, let's discuss a few key mechanics. Firstly, the use of Herald of Ash provides visually appealing explosions, although it can be replaced by a more optimal skill like Tempest Shield for better survivability. While the build does not heavily rely on trauma stacking, it intentionally utilizes multi-strike and bone shatter mechanics to avoid reaching dangerously high trauma stack levels. This allows the build to deal substantial damage without the risk of self-inflicted harm.



The centerpiece of this build is a meticulously crafted axe. This particular axe is considered a mirror-tier weapon, boasting impeccable mods that enhance its power significantly. Additionally, the build utilizes standard magic find gear, including a helmet with Eldritch implicits and rings with added resistance and rarity mods. While the gear setup is generally geared toward magic find, it's essential to maintain proper resistances and utilize flasks to ensure survivability.


The rest of the gear focuses on maximizing magic find stats. While the specifics may vary based on personal preference and budget, the following gear slots are essential:

  • Helmet: Aim for a helmet with Eldritch implicits or a crafted rarity from slain enemies. Balancing resistances is crucial to ensure survivability.
  • Rings: Look for rings with magic find stats and consider incorporating resistances to address potential gaps.
  • Other Gear: Utilize items with increased item quantity and rarity mods, prioritizing resistances to maintain a well-rounded character.



The Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker build offers a fresh and unique approach to magic find playstyles in Path of Exile. With a carefully crafted axe and dedicated magic find gear, this build provides exceptional item quantity and rarity, allowing for efficient farming and valuable loot drops. While it may not be as commonly seen as other meta builds, it proves to be competitive and powerful, especially in maps with tight corridors. If you're looking for a new and exciting magic find experience, give the Magic Find Boneshatter Berserker build a try!

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