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PoE Crafting The Double Corrupting Heatshiver Helmets Guides

In Path of Exile, there are various ways to enhance your character's gear and maximize their potential. One such method is double corrupting items, which can yield powerful modifiers and turn an already valuable item into something truly extraordinary. In this guide, we'll dive into the world of double-corrupting Heatshiver helmets and explore the potential outcomes, strategies, and considerations involved in this challenging endeavor.



PoE Crafting The Double Corrupting Heatshiver Helmets Guides


What is a Heatshiver Helmet?

Before we delve into the mechanics of double corrupting, let's first understand the significance of Heatshiver helmets. Heatshiver is an exceptional helmet in Path of Exile that provides a significant damage boost to cold-based builds. It grants cold damage as extra fire damage based on chill effects, with the potential to reach up to 40 cold as extra fire damage. Additionally, if the enemy is frozen, it offers an incredible 140% cold as extra fire damage.


Why Double Corrupt Heatshiver Helmets?

Double corrupting a Heatshiver helmet opens up the possibility of obtaining additional modifiers that can further enhance your build. Specifically, the ideal outcomes sought after in double corrupting a Heatshiver helmet are +2 Aura Gems, +2 Area of Effect (AOE) Gems, and a 90% Cost Reservation modifier. These modifiers can significantly boost the power of skills like Hatred and enhance the effectiveness of your cold-based build.


The Process

Double corrupting Heatshiver helmets requires patience, persistence, and a considerable number of helmets to work with. It's recommended to perform this process in batches due to the time involved. Each double corruption attempt has a chance to result in new implicit, white sockets, corrupted rares, or even complete failure (bricking the item). Let's examine the results of a large-scale double-corrupting endeavor:


Results Analysis

In a recent experiment detailed in this guide, a total of 144 Heatshiver helmets were double corrupted. Here is a breakdown of the outcomes:

  • 35 helmets acquired new implicits: New implicits can range from generic modifiers to specific gem bonuses or other desirable modifiers.
  • 36 helmets obtained white sockets: Helmets with white sockets can be sold for a moderate amount of Chaos Orbs, depending on their overall quality.
  • 46 helmets turned into corrupted rares: Corrupted rare helmets offer a potential opportunity for further crafting or trading.
  • 27 helmets failed completely (bricked): Unfortunately, not every double corruption attempt is successful, and some helmets were rendered unusable.
  • 73 helmets had no significant change: These helmets did not acquire any desirable modifiers and can be considered less valuable.


Notable Implicit Modifiers

Among the new implicit obtained during the double corruption process, several noteworthy modifiers were discovered. These include socketed trap and mine gems, leech war cry gems, and more. Some of these implicit may have potential value in specific builds or for trading purposes.


Potential Profitability

While double corrupting Heatshiver helmets can yield powerful results, the profitability aspect varies. In this case, it was estimated that the total value of the successful outcomes ranged from 130 to 150 Divine Orbs. However, it's important to note that this estimate assumes the successful sale of the obtained items. Realizing these Poe Currency profits might require additional efforts, such as running labyrinth runs to obtain valuable enchantments.



Double corrupting Heatshiver helmets in Path of Exile is an exciting but challenging endeavor. While it can yield exceptional results and potentially valuable items, it also requires a significant investment of time, resources, and luck. Understanding the potential outcomes and carefully weighing the costs and benefits is crucial before embarking on this journey.

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