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Diablo 4 Gold Farming Quickly in Dungeon Anica's Claim Guides

Gold is an essential and valuable resource in Diablo 4, playing a crucial role in various aspects of the game. It is essential to manage your gold wisely, especially during the levelling phase. Avoid wasteful spending and be mindful of how you allocate your resources. Upgrading gear through jewellers or blacksmiths can quickly deplete your gold reserves. This guide will explore a quick and efficient method for farming gold in Diablo 4. This method can significantly increase your Diablo 4 gold reserves and level up faster. We'll explain this farming method's concept, advantages, and potential downsides. So, let's dive in!



Diablo 4 Gold Farming Quickly in Dungeon Anica


Getting Started

First, you should be reasonably high before attempting this method. While it's not recommended to use this farming technique right from the start, there may come a time when you need a quick boost in gold and experience. Before you start, ensure that you have cleared the Stronghold in Act 1, which will be essential for accessing the dungeon we'll be farming.


The Dungeon: Anica's Claim

The dungeon we'll focus on is Anica's Claim, which becomes available after clearing the Stronghold. This dungeon is easily accessible and provides an excellent opportunity for gold farming. Inside, you'll encounter numerous elite monsters and rare items offering substantial gold and experience rewards.


Resetting the Dungeon

Resetting the dungeon is crucial to maximizing your farming efficiency. If you're playing solo, the method is relatively simple. Complete a full dungeon rotation, defeating the elites and clearing the events. Once finished, select "Leave Dungeon" and wait outside for one minute before re-entering. This will reset the dungeon, allowing you to repeat the process.



An instant reset method is available if you're playing in a party with two or more players. As the party leader, leave the party and instantly teleport to the dungeon's entrance. Re-entering the dungeon after this will automatically reset it without any cooldowns. This method provides a faster reset option when playing with multiple players.


Advantages and Rewards

Farming Anica's Claim using this method will give you significant advantages. Not only will you earn a substantial amount of gold, but you'll also acquire rare items and experience points at an accelerated rate. Each elite monster drops a rare item, which can be sold for gold or salvaged for materials. It's possible to make over 1 million gold within an hour, depending on your selling or salvaging choices.


You may also encounter random events and chests during farming, offering additional experience and rewards. This method lets you focus solely on farming the elites and monsters near them, enhancing your levelling and gold acquisition speed.


Considerations and Conclusion

It's important to note that this farming method is not meant to be exploited excessively or used solely at the beginning of the game. Diablo 4 offers various endgame content and other methods of gold acquisition. However, if you are under-levelled or short on gold, spending 10 to 20 minutes utilizing this method can significantly boost yours.


Using this method, you can reach level 33 or 32 relatively quickly, enabling access to higher-tier items with enhanced skill ranks. Remember to balance your gameplay experience and explore other aspects of Diablo 4.


In summary, Anica's Claim dungeon farming method offers a fast and efficient way to acquire gold and experience. It can be particularly helpful when you need a quick levelling or gold boost. 

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