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FFXIV 6.4 New Features: Effortless Gear Set Switching

In this guide, we will be discussing one of the new quality-of-life changes introduced in version 6.4 that will greatly benefit new players. This feature, although not immediately noticeable, makes a significant impact on gameplay and helps streamline the experience for beginners. So let's dive in and explore the exciting new addition.


FFXIV 6.4 New Features: Effortless Gear Set Switching


Gear Set Switching Made Easy

One of the most valuable improvements for new players is the ability to switch between gear sets effortlessly. Previously, when levelling up a class and unlocking a new job, players had to rearrange their hotbars and cross hotbar settings manually. This process could be time-consuming and confusing, often resulting in misplaced abilities and a disrupted gameplay experience.


With the new update, when you reach the point of unlocking a job stone (such as becoming a White Mage), the game now offers a convenient option to transfer your existing hotbar and cross hotbar settings from your previous class (Conjurer in this case). This transfer ensures that your abilities and actions are organized in a similar fashion, allowing you to readily adapt to your new job without the hassle of reconfiguring everything from scratch.


How It Works?

To demonstrate this feature, we created a new character and levelled a Conjurer to 30, unlocking the White Mage job. Upon using the job stone to transition to White Mage, a window appears, notifying you of the opportunity to transfer your hotbar settings. By selecting the transfer option, your hotbars revert back to the setup you had as a Conjurer while equipping the White Mage job stone simultaneously. This ensures a smooth transition between classes, minimizing the disruption caused by rearranging your abilities manually.


It's important to note that this feature is especially beneficial for new players who need more experience with their newly unlocked job. It provides them with a familiar layout, allowing them to learn and play their new role more effectively. The option to transfer hotbar settings will continue to appear each time you change jobs until you progress through the job quests, after which it will no longer be necessary.


Additional Advantages

In addition to the Hotbar transfer feature, the update also introduces the ability to set multiple Armory slots right from the start of the game. Gone are the days of unlocking different armour sets gradually. Now, players are provided with a generous number of slots (100 to be exact) from the moment they create their character at level one. This allows for easy management and customization of gear sets, further enhancing the overall convenience and flexibility of the gaming experience.



The new gear set switching feature in Final Fantasy 14 version 6.4 is a game-changer for new players. It eliminates the frustration of manually reconfiguring hotbars and cross hotbars when transitioning between classes, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience. With this enhancement, beginners can focus on learning their new job and honing their skills without the added stress of adjusting to a completely different setup.

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