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Guide to Efficient Blight Farming Divine Orbs in Path of Exile

For those seeking even more Blight encounters, the chance can be further increased by strategically allocating atlas passive skills. Prepare to defend against hordes of enemies and strategize your defences to conquer the Path of exile Blights in this action-packed adventure. We'll discuss a strategy for efficiently farming Blight encounters. We'll cover farming essences and gilded scarabs to maximize your loot. While Blight farming Poe Currency can be time-consuming, it's worth the effort, as you'll soon see. So let's dive into the details!



Guide to Efficient Blight Farming Divine Orbs in Path of Exile


Atlas Tree


Blight Farming Strategy

We recommend using the Six Senses Blight unique map for this strategy, preferably one tier higher.

This will yield better results, as you'll find out shortly. Here's a breakdown of our loot and investments:


Loot and Investments

  • Blighted Maps: We obtained a total of 208 Blighted Maps. We started with 60 Black Maps, and after using the strategy, we acquired 144 Blighted Maps. This includes four extra maps beyond the initial count.
  • Oils: From our farming sessions, we obtained 46 Golden Oils. Approximately 18 of them were acquired by using oil extractors on jewellery.
  • Essences: We managed to gather 1,676 cores during our farming runs. These essences will prove valuable in crafting.
  • Currency: Our loot included 10 Raw Divines, various Beyond currency, stack decks, and a few unique items. Additionally, we obtained 3 Incandescent invitations.


Scarabs and Investment Breakdown

We used Gilded Blight and Polished Cartography Scarabs to enhance our farming results. Here's the breakdown of our investments:

  • Divine Cost: 16.2 Divine Orbs (including beyond orbs, higher essences, and arcanist scarabs).
  • Scarab Costs: We spent a total of 3,595 chaos on Scarabs.
  • Overall, our total investment amounted to 16.1 Divine Orbs.


Loot Evaluation

From our investments, we acquired 208 Blighted Maps and 46 Golden Oils. While the market value for the oils may vary, we believe they can be sold for more in the future. Let's move on to evaluating the other loot.

  • Essences: The essences we obtained can be quite valuable. Using the Essence Tab in Path of Exile's currency stash, we estimated the total value of these essences to be around 107.976 chaos.
  • Scarabs: With the scarabs we acquired, we estimated their value to be around 9.72 divine orbs.
  • Tainted Currency: We collected a significant amount of tainted currency, totalling 676 chaos. This includes tainted fusing, enchanted fusings, and other changing currencies.
  • Additional Loot: Our loot also consisted of various items such as chaos orbs, divination cards, awakened sextants, and unique items. The total value of these additional drops amounted to 1,388 chaos.



With an investment of 16 Divine Orbs, we obtained a loot worth approximately 67 Divine Orbs. Considering we spent around five minutes per map, this strategy yielded an average of 1.8 Divine Orbs per hour. While Blight farming Poe Currency can be slow and time-consuming, it can be profitable, especially for faster builds.

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