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PoE 3.21 Unleashing the Cursed Summon Reaper Juggernaut Build

The Reaper is a powerful summon in Path of Exile that unleashes devastating area attacks with its slashing prowess. However, its presence comes at a cost, as it weakens your other minions. To compensate, the Reaper has the ability to consume your minions temporarily, gaining empowerment and healing in the process. Brace yourself as we explore the Summon Reaper Juggernaut, a build that combines toxic relationships, anime aesthetics, and a touch of insanity.

PoE 3.21 Unleashing the Cursed Summon Reaper Juggernaut Build


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Unleashing the Reaper

The Summon Reaper Juggernaut is a build that offers one of the most unconventional playstyles in Path of Exile. This build creates a bizarre dynamic that defies all expectations by summoning a tall anime goth girlfriend who abandons you when you need her most. But for those determined to fix what is broken, this build promises to deal enough damage to farm T1 Essences.


Required Gear

To embark on this twisted journey, you'll need the most popular unique helmet of version 3.20. This item supports the seven auras that fuel your lousy life decisions. Additionally, an essential item is required to prevent you from blowing out your brains due to the build's lacklustre clearing capabilities.


A Bleeding Minion Juggernaut

In a world already plagued by minion builds in version 3.21, the Summon Reaper Juggernaut adds insult to injury by being a damage-over-time minion build. When coupled with the Juggernaut class, the combination of these factors creates a menacing presence on the battlefield. Embrace the darkness and prepare for the throne.


Playing with Opulence

This build shies away from humble beginnings, favouring opulence and extravagance. Utilize an Al's Uprising to remove Pride reservation and equip specific rings and body armour to complete the ensemble. Finally, revel in the satisfaction of defeating Java, reminding yourself why you despise playing with the less fortunate.


The Cursed Weapon

Prepare yourself for a genuinely cursed experience as you wield a bow in a bleeding minion build. This unexpected twist amplifies the bizarre nature of the Summon Reaper Juggernaut. Crafting such a weapon requires expertise beyond reach, resulting in a developer's intervention. Brace yourself for an unprecedented challenge.


Multiple Keybinds and League Nostalgia

Immerse yourself in the build's intricacies by utilizing multiple keybinds. This aspect of the Summon Reaper Juggernaut harkens back to we love for League of Legends, but the commitment to Path of Exile prevails. Embrace the challenge and unleash your full potential with this complex playstyle.


The Synergistic Quiver

While contemplating the reasons to embark on this cursed journey, the quiver might be the redeeming factor. By utilizing replica Maloney's Mechanism with the ensnaring arrow, Mirage Archer, and GMP, you can guarantee optimal uptime for ensnaring Arrow. Additionally, synergistic mechanics with Temp Chains and Asenath's Gentle Touch further elevate the build's IQ.


The Addiction Paradox

Contrary to popular belief, the Summon Reaper Juggernaut will not make you addicted to Path of Exile. Instead, it serves as a reminder of the game's flaws and chronic mental illness. Recognize the dogged nature of this build and its reflection of a dog game, but embrace the twisted joy it brings.



The Summon Reaper Juggernaut is a testament to the unconventional and the grotesque within Path of Exile. Embrace the cursed build and explore the depths of madness and anime aesthetics. Just remember, this build is not for the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk and immerse yourself in the paradoxical joy it brings.

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