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WOW Hidden Riches: How to Profit from Secret Chests?

Welcome to this, here we uncover unique and lucrative gold-making techniques in World of Warcraft. In this guide, we will explore a lesser-known method of farming valuable items across the old world at an astonishing speed. By discovering hidden chests scattered throughout Azeroth, you can acquire rare and highly valuable items. Most players need to be made aware of these chests due to their elusive nature, but with our help, you'll unlock a gold-making opportunity like no other.


WOW Hidden Riches: How to Profit from Secret Chests?


Finding the Hidden Chests

To embark on this gold making adventure, you'll need a hunter character or create one using a class trial. While the chests themselves hold valuable items, the secret lies in finding them quickly. Instead of manually searching each location, we'll utilize the hunter's Eagle Eye ability. This ability allows you to survey an entire zone in seconds. By creating a macro, you can cast Eagle Eye repeatedly and cover vast areas in a fraction of the time.


Exploring the Spawn Locations

In this guide, we'll focus on the spawn locations of the silk chest in a specific zone for demonstration purposes. We start at the Altar of Storms, where the chest can spawn around the altar. Moving southeast, we encounter a small ogre cave where the chest might be hidden. Next, we head to the Tainted Forest, searching for an entrance to a tree where the chest can spawn inside. Nearby, a mushroom circle with boglots is another potential spawn location.


Continuing our search, we climb one of the nearby mountains to gain a vantage point of the Red Reaches. A Naga construction in this area holds another possible chest spawn location. We then proceed to an igneous pillar, where the chest can be found in front of the Naga. Inside an ogre cave, we find another spawn point before heading to the northeastern coast, where three chest spawn locations are in close proximity.


The first chest is near a ship, while the second is slightly inland next to a buried chair near a shipwreck. We then move west to a clump of cacti with two ghostly Gilman Merchants, where another spawn point awaits. Finally, we reach a ruined hut near a tower, where the last chest spawn location is located next to a shadow-sworn occultist.


Additional Tips and Considerations

It's important to note that this guide only covers some possible spawn points within the zone, as some are deep within caves, making Eagle Eye impractical. However, the trade-off for the speed and efficiency of this method is well worth it. Furthermore, keep in mind that each realm has four versions, each with its unique chest spawns. You can switch between time walking and War Mode to access different realms and obtain different chests.


A Word of Inspiration

One of the most exciting aspects of this method is the possibility of stumbling upon rare and valuable items. For instance, the chance of acquiring the esteemed Chance Imperial Robes, worth several times the value of an entire account, is an extraordinary opportunity. Even today, these robes fetch an average price of around 30,000 gold across all realms. Remember, this is just the beginning—there are even more incredible gold-making tricks awaiting discovery.


Note: For additional advanced techniques and exploits to acquire rare and valuable ores, consider exploring Arch World Attacks' Patreon for exclusive content and further opportunities to maximize your gold making potential.



By utilizing the hunter's Eagle Eye ability and scouring the old world for hidden chests, you can unlock a highly profitable gold-making method in World of Warcraft. While this guide focuses on a specific zone and spawns locations, you can apply the same principles to other areas of Azeroth. With dedication, persistence, and a bit of luck, you'll amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams. So gear up, grab your hunter, and set forth on your gold-making adventure today!

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