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Old School RuneScape Sailing Skill Training Methods Guides

Sailing, the newest skill introduced to Old School RuneScape, initially seemed daunting for many players. However, after the recent update, it has become an exciting addition to the game. In this guide, we will delve into the details shared by Jagex and explore what you can expect from sailing skills. We'll cover the core system, gameplay mechanics, training methods, and mini-games. Currently, we are at step two out of the five in the development process for sailing. Let's focus on the core system, gameplay, and the various training methods available.

Old School RuneScape Sailing Skill Training Methods Guides


Core System and Gameplay

The core system in sailing forms the foundation of the skill. Like other skills, such as woodcutting or Firemaking, the core system provides the basic mechanics. In sailing, the primary gameplay revolves around sailing itself without involving other skills. Additionally, secondary gameplay elements incorporate other skills, and finally, there will be mini-games and ocean raids associated with sailing.


Primary Gameplay - Training Methods

To achieve meaningful progression in sailing, Jagex has designed four distinct categories of training methods.

These methods are intended to be simple yet effective, allowing players to repeat them for hours.

  • Time Trials: This training method resembles the rooftop agility courses but with an exciting twist. The goal is to create engaging courses, such as Halot the Polka, where players can quickly start but need practice to master. The courses will vary in intensity, providing more experience and RS07 GP for higher difficulty levels.
  • Board Tasks: This method involves travelling between ports in Kandarin. Players may receive packages or tasks that require them to transport items from one port to another. While some players may find this method less appealing, the aim is to offer a wide range of primary training options to cater to different preferences.
  • Shipwreck Salvaging: This training method offers a more relaxed approach to sailing. Players can engage in salvaging shipwrecks, similar to the concept of shooting stars. Players can earn rewards by deciphering hints, locating the wrecks, and looting them. This method suits players looking for a more casual and AFK-friendly experience.
  • Combat: Sailing also integrates combat as a training method. Initially, combat will involve simple mechanics, such as clicking a cannon to defeat monsters. However, as players level up, they will unlock more complex combat techniques, including different cannonballs and advanced strategies. This gradual progression ensures that training methods become more challenging and rewarding as players advance in sailing.


Secondary Training Methods

Secondary training methods in sailing combine the skill with other existing skills in the game. Here are a few examples:

  • C Monster Hunting: This method combines sailing and hunting skills. Players will encounter massive sea monsters and need to employ various equipment and skills to defeat them. The exact mechanics and gameplay aspects of sea monster hunting are still under development.
  • Deep Sea Fishing: Similar to the existing underwater fishing method, deep sea fishing combines sailing with fishing. Players will use their sailing experience to locate specific fish in deep seas, earning sailing experience alongside fishing experience.
  • Mineral Dredging: Mining and sailing intersect in this training method. Players venture out to sea, using weighted nets to catch minerals at the bottom. This introduces new minerals and gems, potentially offering additional rewards and crafting opportunities.
  • Coral Farming: Combining farming and sailing, coral farming allows players to dive and harvest coral reefs. These corals can be used in various ways, such as herbal secondaries or crafting materials. Additionally, players may even be able to create their own aquariums within their player-owned homes.


Other Training Methods and Ship Upgrades

Aside from the primary and secondary training methods, sailing will also offer a wide range of additional activities. These include expeditions, underwater raids, ship PvP, treasure hunts, and mini-games. Each of these activities will provide unique challenges and rewards, further expanding the sailing experience.

Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to upgrade and customize their ships. Ship upgrades will unlock as players progress in the skill, allowing for customization of sails, colors, and more. This feature adds a layer of personalization and individuality to sailing.



Sailing in Old School RuneScape promises to be an engaging and diverse skill, providing a variety of training methods and gameplay experiences. With a combination of core gameplay, primary and secondary training methods, and additional activities, players will enjoy countless hours in the vast seas of Gielinor. As development progresses, we can expect even more training methods and exciting features to enhance sailing skill. Fair winds and smooth voyages on your journey as a sailor in Old School RuneScape!

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