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PoE 3.21 Soul Eater Winter Orb Trickster Build

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the Soul Eater Winter Orb build in Path of Exile's Crucible League. This build focuses on maximizing the duration of Soul Eater using the Self-Curse Temporal Chains mechanic, while utilizing Winter Orb as the main skill. Please note that this build is more suitable for advanced players due to its unique playstyle and lack of defenses. However, if you're up for the challenge and want to have a blast, let's dive into the details!



PoE 3.21 Soul Eater Winter Orb Trickster Build


Build Overview

The Soul Eater Winter Orb build is designed for both clearing maps and engaging in boss encounters. It relies on ramping up Soul Eater stacks to gain attack and cast speed, providing insane offensive potential. However, keep in mind that this build is relatively squishy and lacks defensive capabilities. Evasion is the main defensive mechanism, so maintaining awareness and survival skills are crucial.


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Skill Tree and Ascendancy

The passive skill tree should be focused on the top right side, with Trickster as the preferred ascendancy for its benefits in mapping speed and damage. 

Notable nodes to consider are those that provide movement speed and increased skill effect duration.


Equipment and Gems

  • Weapon: Dual wield Void Batteries for their spell damage, crit chance, and increased cast speed. Projectile speed is also desirable.
  • Belt: Use Soulthirst to extend the duration of Soul Eater. This belt greatly enhances the build's playstyle.
  • Flasks: Prioritize using a Bismuth Flask for elemental resistances, a Quicksilver Flask for movement speed, and a Silver Flask for increased duration.
  • Winter Orb Links: Link Winter Orb with appropriate support gems like Increased Duration, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction, and Concentrated Effect for maximum damage output.


Unique Items

Expeditions, Pain Seeker, and a Redblade Band synergize well with the build. These Poe items allow your damage to freeze enemies, even with fire damage, and lower the freeze threshold.


Other Considerations

Red Blood Grip ring can be used to sustain Soul Eater, while Death Rush provides a burst of speed and adrenaline on kill. Steel Skin skill helps remove bleeding effects, while a low-level Vitality aura grants life regeneration.


Playstyle and Tips

  • Soul Eater Ramping: The build starts off weak until you accumulate Soul Eater stacks. To maximize enjoyment, aim for longer-lasting Soul Eater duration, as shorter durations may not provide sufficient fun and power.
  • Skill Execution: Winter Orb's freezing potential allows you to freeze enemies frequently. Make sure to run over enemies first, then use Winter Orb to freeze them effectively.
  • Crucible Modifier: The Crucible's 15% increased effect of curses on you and 10% increased effect of your curses greatly enhances the build. However, beware of other map modifiers that can amplify enemy damage or apply permanent curses, as these can be lethal.
  • Defensive Considerations: While evasion is the primary defense, avoid modifiers that inflict permanent curses, reduce energy shield recovery, or hinder movement speed. Maintain control of your Soul Eater stacks to ensure survival.



The Soul Eater Winter Orb build offers a unique and exhilarating playstyle in Path of Exile's Crucible League. With careful attention to stacking Soul Eater duration, managing map modifiers, and maximizing offensive potential, you'll experience a fast-paced and satisfying gameplay loop. While not recommended for newer players due to its squishiness, experienced players will find this build rewarding and entertaining.

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