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PoE 3.21 Toxic Rain Take Down Uber Elder Raider Build

Are you seeking a powerful build in Path of Exile that can take down Uber Elder? Look no further! We have crafted a Malevolence Build that revolves around maximizing malevolence and curse damage. This Toxic Rain build is capable of conquering challenging encounters like Maven Uber Elder and even Delirious maps. In this guide, we will delve into the key components of the build, including the skill tree, gear, and gameplay mechanics.



PoE 3.21 Toxic Rain Take Down Uber Elder Raider Build


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Crucible Skill Tree Setup:

To optimize malevolence and curse damage, we recommend investing 60 points in the Crucible skill tree. Allocate 60 points to the Supreme Ego for increased malevolence and Sublime Vision for additional malevolence. These nodes will significantly boost your damage output and make your curses even more potent.


Rebuilding Your Character:

In order to tackle Uber Elder, some adjustments to your build are necessary. Initially, this build was a Deadeye, but we converted it into a Raider for constant Onslaught and easier access to spell suppression. This change enhances the overall performance of the build without requiring significant gear modifications.


Inexpensive Gear Setup:

One of the advantages of this Malevolence Build is that it doesn't require expensive gear.

The following gear suggestions will help you achieve optimal performance:

  • Main Skills: Toxic Rain and Wither Totem
  • Toxic Rain: Assign it to your left click for simplicity during gameplay.
  • Wither Totem: Assign it to your middle click for easy infliction of wither.


Defensive Mechanisms: Dash and Spell Suppression

  • Dash: Use it for mobility to avoid enemy attacks and reposition yourself during combat.
  • Spell Suppression: With the Raider ascendancy, you gain access to spell suppression, further enhancing your survivability.


Unique Gear Recommendations: Mana Cost Reduction

  • Helm: Look for a helm with reduced total mana cost of skills to alleviate the mana cost of your abilities.
  • Rings and Amulet: Aim for rings and an amulet that reduce the total mana cost of skills.

Note: While the gear suggestions above are not excessively difficult to acquire, keep in mind that optimizing your gear further can greatly enhance your performance.


Combat Strategy:

With this build, you can dodge attacks while self-casting your spells, eliminating the need for totems. Unlike many toxic rain builds, you won't have to worry about buffing totem damage. Instead, you can rely on totems to inflict wither, simplifying your playstyle.

It's important to note that this build may not be suitable for Hardcore mode due to its focus on damage output over extreme survivability. However, with careful play and gear optimization, it can still be viable in Hardcore depending on your preferences.


Boss Encounters and Map Clearing:

While the Delirious effect in high-tier maps like Delirious maps reduces your damage significantly, this build remains capable of handling regular Tier 16 maps easily. Boss encounters may feel a bit slower due to the Delirious effect, but stacking toxic rain pods and allowing your totems to do the work will ensure you overcome them without major difficulties.



The Malevolence Build we have presented here is a fun and effective setup for taking down Uber Elder and challenging encounters in Diablo 4. It prioritizes survivability while maximizing your malevolence and curse damage. Remember to adjust your skill tree, gear, and playstyle accordingly to optimize the build's performance. While it may not be the absolute best build, it offers a satisfying and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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