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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2 Rogue Build: Highly Effective Cellars Farming

This Diablo 4 guide will discuss a powerful Rogue build, the recent patch notes, and some exciting upgrades. Join us as we delve into the details of this build and explore the changes introduced in the patch. Additionally, we'll showcase some notable upgrades and provide tips for optimizing your gameplay.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2 Rogue Build: Highly Effective Cellars Farming


Diablo 4 Full Builds:


Encounters and Discoveries

we stumbled upon a thrilling encounter with Butcher in the cellars, unaware that such an encounter was possible. It was a pleasant surprise, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. We also discovered that similar encounters can be found in other locations, such as Wrestlers.


Patch Notes and Build Adjustments

The patch Patch 1.0.2 notes revealed various nerfs to the Rogue class in Diablo 4, affecting several aspects of gameplay. However, Rapid Fire received a significant buff. It's important to note that some players struggle with building the Marksman Rogue correctly, often underestimating the effectiveness of combining core skills like Penetrating Shot and Rapid Fire. Building versatility is crucial, and allocating passive points to enhance damage output and clearing speed is highly recommended.


Powerful Unique Items

Amidst our dungeon runs, we acquired a remarkable pair of unique gloves. These gloves are particularly useful for ranged Rogues, substantially boosting the build's overall strength. While many uniques in Diablo 4 are specific to certain builds, this one stands out as an exceptionally strong addition.


Upgrades and Progression

finding weapon upgrades can be challenging. Although we acquired a potent crossbow at level 55, subsequent weapon upgrades were scarce. However, even without a weapon upgrade for several levels, the build continued to excel, effortlessly breezing through dungeons.


Paragon Boards and Glyph Adjustments

As we progress and gather more Paragon points, we will fine-tune and optimize the build further. Additionally, it's worth noting that glyphs underwent universal nerfs, affecting all players. This adjustment aimed to balance the power levels across the board.


Exploring and Side Quests

While advancing through the game, we emphasized the importance of exploring the world and engaging in side quests. Contrary to some opinions, the side quests in Diablo 4 offer captivating stories and unique gameplay experiences. One such quest involves discovering artefacts for a seemingly innocent individual who later reveals demonic intentions. These side quests contribute to the well-crafted world and add depth to the overall gaming experience.


HellTides and Open World Activities

Including HellTides in Diablo 4 proves to be a brilliant idea. These activities provide incentives to engage in open-world exploration, granting resources required for crafting gear. Skipping these activities to exploit early-game advantages may lead to difficulties in obtaining essential materials later.


Boss Fights and Build Performance

During boss encounters, the build demonstrated its incredible damage potential. With poison-infused attacks and the ability to unleash powerful combos, bosses were quickly dispatched, sometimes within just a couple of attacks. The build's damage output is particularly impressive when combining the poison effect and the explosive potential of Shrine bonuses.


Unique Gear and Aspect Selection

Examining the Rogue's gear, we showcased two significant unique items.

  • The first, Condemnation, a dagger, enhances damage when spending three combo points and provides a chance to generate the maximum combo points with a single attack.
  • The second, Grasp of Shadow, offers bonuses to all core skills, greatly benefiting the build's Penetrating Shot and Rapid Fire abilities.
  • Additionally, the unique pants, Ambrose Aspect, provide the ability to use shrouds without a hotkey, offering movement speed and damage reduction benefits.



This Diablo 4 guide delves into the highlights from a recent stream, detailing the Rogue build, patch note impacts, and showcased upgrades. We emphasized the importance of exploring the world, engaging in side quests, and participating in HellTides for a complete gaming experience. By optimizing your build, acquiring unique items, and utilizing powerful aspects, your Rogue character will thrive in Diablo 4's dark and challenging world. 

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