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Poe 3.21 Ultimate Mapping Herald of Thunder Storms Elementalist Build

Welcome, Exile! Today, we will delve into the secrets of an incredible mapping PoE build that revolves around the explosive power of the Herald of Thunder Storms. With just a few essential items and careful planning, you can create a devastating character capable of obliterating enemies and enjoying the spoils of your adventures.



Poe 3.21 Ultimate Mapping Herald of Thunder Storms Elementalist Build


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Build Overview

To create this robust mapping build, we will focus on maximizing the potential of the Herald of Thunder Storms skill and leveraging its frequent hits and explosions.

Here's a breakdown of the essential items and gems you'll need:

  • Crest of Desire: Obtain a Crest of Desire with the maximum rolled level of socketed gems. This will significantly enhance the power of your socketed gems.
  • Secret Ring: Equip a Secret Ring with maximum rolled Herald of Thunder Storms hit frequency. This will increase the frequency at which your Herald hits enemies.
  • Glorious Vanity: Sacrifice in the name of Doriani to acquire the Glorious Vanity jewel. This unique jewel will grant you the desired passive effect needed for your build.
  • Pulsas's Broken Heart: This unique chest piece will provide explosions when your Herald of Thunder Storms hits enemies, creating a devastating chain reaction.
  • Calamitous Visions: This jewel will further amplify the power of your Herald, granting additional buffs.
  • Large and Medium Clusters: Utilize a large cluster jewel with two passives and two medium cluster jewels with the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy notable. These will enhance the base critical chance of your Herald.
  • Voice of the Storm: Opt for Voice of the Storm as your amulet choice. It synergizes well with the build, enhancing your lightning damage and providing valuable bonuses.
  • Gloves, Boots, and Belt: Choose gloves with resistance and dexterity. Your boots should have dexterity, resistances, and life, while the belt should offer life, resistances, and an empty suffix for crafting energy shield regeneration.
  • Agnerod South: This staff is the ideal Poe Currency budget choice for this build, providing significant power and five linked sockets. You can also use gems bought from vendors to complete your setup.
  • Jewels: Acquire jewels that enhance your build's capabilities, focusing on lightning damage, critical strike chance, life, and other valuable modifiers.


Skill Gems

Flame Dash or Storm Brand: Use either Flame Dash or Storm Brand to shock a single enemy, triggering your Herald of Thunder Storms and initiating the chain reaction.


Tips for Gameplay

  • Shocking Enemies: Begin by shocking a single enemy using Flame Dash or Storm Brand. This will activate your Herald of Thunder Storms, causing it to hit enemies more frequently.
  • Map Clearing: Once your Herald is active, simply walk around the map, collecting loot and enjoying the explosive chain reactions as your enemies fall before you.



You can obliterate enemies and revel in the explosive chaos with the Crest of Desire, Secret Ring, Glorious Vanity, Pulsas's Broken Heart, and other carefully chosen items and gems. 

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