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PoE Harvest Guide: Horticrafting Stations to Boost Currency

In this guide, we will delve into the Harvest Mechanic in Path of Exile and discuss strategies to maximize farming Poe Currency profits. Harvest introduces the concept of Horticrafting Stations, which allow players to manipulate and enhance their items through the use of life force. While initially, Harvest may not have seemed profitable, recent changes in the market have made it a viable and lucrative option, especially towards the end of the league. We will explore the basics of Harvest, important notes to consider, and how to approach Harvest intelligently to boost Items.

PoE Harvest Guide:  Horticrafting Stations to Boost Currency


Understanding the Purpose of Harvest

Why do people engage in Harvest? Why is the acquisition of life force so crucial? The core of Harvest revolves around the crafting station, which can be added to your hideout for convenience. The Horticrafting Station offers various crafting options, utilizing life force as fuel. From reforging and repairing items to adding random modifiers, including powerful ones like fire modifiers and purple essence, the possibilities are vast. Harvest provides end-game players with high-risk, high-reward strategies, especially when it comes to utilizing the coveted yellow Essence. These strategies become even more valuable towards the end of the league when more players are engaged in higher-risk crafting.



Passive Tree Allocation

To optimize your Harvest experience, it's important to allocate passive skill points in the Atlas passive tree, specifically focusing on Harvest-related nodes. The Harvest symbol can be identified within the passive tree. It is recommended to acquire the nodes that enhance your chances of encountering yellow crops while reducing the chances of purple and blue crops. While it may seem counterintuitive, investing in blue and purple nodes actually decreases the chances of these less valuable crops appearing. Additionally, nodes that increase the quantity of life force obtained from Harvest are vital. Consider the overall passive tree allocation based on your playstyle and goals.


Synergistic Mechanics

Several other mechanics complement Harvest exceptionally well. Given that life force drops are affected by increased item quantity, mechanics that benefit from increased item quantity become valuable. Examples include Harbingers, Legion encounters, and strongboxes. These mechanics increase the overall quantity of items dropped, enhancing the potential gains from Harvest. Therefore, it is advisable to engage in content that synergizes with increased item quantity alongside Harvest farming.


Optimizing Map Selection

When planning your Harvest farming, it is essential to choose maps strategically. Always aim to run maps with a quality of at least 20. Chisel your white maps to add 5% quality per chisel, making them more lucrative. Blue and yellow maps should also be considered, with a preference for yellow maps. However, if you are not actively forcing the Harvest mechanic, blue maps can suffice. The primary objective is to maximize item quantity to ensure optimal life force gains during Harvest encounters.


Navigating the Sacred Grove

The Sacred Grove is where Harvest encounters take place. You will find it marked on the map with a distinct blue portal tree icon. Upon entering the Sacred Grove, you will encounter pairs of crops. It is crucial to pick the yellow Essence, as it holds the most significant value. However, be aware that some Atlas passive nodes can grant an extra pick, providing an additional opportunity to collect valuable crops. Focus on the bottom tier of crops, which indicates the presence of monsters guaranteed to drop life force.


Entering the Sacred Grove

To access the Harvest mechanics, you need to locate the Sacred Grove on the in-game map. It is represented by a distinct blue portal tree icon. Upon entering the Sacred Grove, you will find pairs of crops arranged in a specific pattern. Each crop represents an opportunity to obtain life force and progress in Harvest crafting.


Choosing the Right Crops

The primary objective in Harvest is to collect the yellow Essence, as it is the most valuable resource. When faced with a pair of crops, aim to select the yellow Essence whenever possible. However, if you have allocated specific Atlas passive nodes, there is a chance that the first yellow Essence you choose will not disappear. This grants you an extra opportunity to obtain valuable resources, making it a significant advantage.


Understanding Crop Colors

Crop colors indicate the type of life force they drop. The bottom-tier crops are of utmost importance, as they guarantee the drop of life force. These crops may have a blue tint, indicating the drop of blue life force, or a yellow tint, representing the drop of yellow life force. Prioritize yellow life force crops, as they provide the highest value. If there are no yellow options available, consider selecting purple crops. Keep in mind that white crops do not guarantee the drop of any Essence, so they may not be worth your time.


Boss Crops and Sacred Blossoms

Occasionally, you may encounter boss crops in the Sacred Grove. These crops have an orange color and present an increased challenge. However, they offer significant rewards. Boss crops can drop a substantial amount of life force and have a chance to yield a Sacred Blossom. The Sacred Blossom is an item that can be placed in the map device, triggering a fight against Oshabi. Defeating Oshabi grants Synchronized Crystallized Life Force, a valuable crafting material for high-end crafting.


Optimizing Life Force Gains

To maximize your life force gains, focus on completing maps with high item quantity. Mechanics such as Harbingers, Legion encounters, and strongboxes synergize well with Harvest, increasing the overall quantity of items dropped and enhancing your potential gains.



Harvest is an excellent opportunity to generate significant Currency in Path of Exile. By understanding the mechanics of the Sacred Grove and making informed choices, you can optimize your Harvest experience. Prioritize collecting yellow Essence, select crops with guaranteed life force drops, and be on the lookout for boss crops and Sacred Blossoms. With strategic planning and efficient farming, you can amass wealth and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities Harvest offers. 

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