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PoE Tainted Divine Teardrop: Maximizing Crafting Guides

In Path of Exile, the Tainted Divine Teardrop is a valuable and obscure Poe currency item that can greatly enhance your crafting endeavors. While they are rare, these teardrops hold immense potential for turning ordinary items into something extraordinary. In this guide, we will explore the various uses and strategies surrounding tainted Divine teardrops, providing you with insights to make the most out of this unique currency.

PoE Tainted Divine Teardrop: Maximizing Crafting Guides


Understanding Tainted Divine Teardrops

Tainted Divine teardrops are exceedingly rare, making them a highly sought-after item among crafters. They possess three powerful modifiers, with the most notable being a 35% increased effect explicit mod. Additionally, they offer other desirable mods such as attribute bonuses and resistances. These teardrops are usually found on cluster Jewels and can transform an item into a highly valuable piece.


Crafting with Cluster Jewels

Cluster Jewels are a prime candidate for using Tainted Divine Teardrops. Look for Cluster Jewels that offer a noticeable difference between 25% and 35% increased effect on passives. These teardrops have the potential to upgrade the passive effect, resulting in a jewel comparable to a 30 Divine Orb Jewel. Keep in mind that only Cluster Jewels with an item level of 84 or above can roll 35% increased effect, so avoid corrupting lower item level jewels.


Exploring Unique Cluster Jewels

Unique Cluster Jewels can also benefit from the use of Tainted Divine Teardrops. Some unique Cluster Jewels, like Calamitous Visions, may have low demand due to their less desirable mods. Applying a Vaal Orb to a unique Cluster Jewel can "brick" it, turning it into a rare item with maximum mod count. If the random enchantment rolls six percent Mana reservation efficiency and adds three passive skills, you have a chance to create a powerful item. Consider buying unique Cluster Jewels and applying Vaal Orbs to explore the potential outcomes.


Expanding to Minion Helmets

Minion Helmets are another avenue to explore with Tainted Divine Teardrops. Rolling a +1 to level of all Minion gems mod is relatively easy, but getting a +2 mod can be challenging. If you find an Elder-influenced helmet with the right mods but the wrong tier, applying a Tainted Divine Teardrop can complete the item for you. By using specific fossils in combination, you can increase your chances of rolling desirable mods. Remember to use the corruption chamber and apply the Tainted Divine Teardrop after meeting the necessary requirements.


Optimizing Bows

Bows, especially those with item level 86 or above, offer opportunities for enhancement. Look for bows with the +2 arrows to your bow attacks mod. The jump from the lesser tier of +1 to the top tier of +2 is significant. While rolling +2 is challenging, it can be worth it for the right bow. Check the market for bows with +1 arrows and consider applying a corruption or double corruption to them. If successful, using a Tainted Divine Teardrop can further improve the item's power.


Caster Staves

Caster staves with +2 to the level of all skill gems and +1 or +2 to a specific class of gems can be improved using tainted Divine teardrops. Upgrading the +1 or +2 to a class of gems modifier to +3 can greatly enhance your spellcasting abilities.


Physical Weapons

For physical weapons, focus on tier-sensitive mods. Seek out weapons with tier 3 physical percent and attempt to upgrade them to tier 2. While this strategy may be less effective in The Crucible expansion, it remains valuable in other environments.


Grasping Mails

Grasping Mails obtained through vendor recipes can offer unique mod combinations. If you find a Grasping Mail with desirable mods, consider using tainted Divine teardrops to further enhance the item. Remember the complex interactions between crafted mods and teardrops to make informed decisions.


Important Considerations

  • Tainted Divine teardrops have a random chance to increase, decrease, or leave a mod's tier unchanged. The frequency of these events is not statistically confirmed, so caution is advised when using the teardrops.
  • Tainted Divine teardrops cannot elevate tier 1 influence mods to tier 0. However, they can downgrade elevated mods to their non-elevated counterparts. Be mindful of this when crafting.
  • Elder and Delve-specific mods can also benefit from tainted Divine teardrops, offering unique opportunities for powerful item crafting.



Tainted Divine Teardrops are rare and powerful currency items in Path of Exile. With careful use, they can significantly enhance various items and turn them into valuable pieces. Whether it's upgrading cluster jewels, helms, bows, staves, physical weapons, or grasping mail, these teardrops offer exciting opportunities for crafting and improving your gear. 

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