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Diablo 4 Dungeon Calibel's Mine: Maximizing XP and Gold Gains

In Diablo 4, finding efficient ways to gain experience points (XP) and D4 Gold is crucial for character progression. While some dungeons have been nerfed recently, there are still viable options for farming XP and Gold. One such dungeon is Calibel's Mine, located in the upper left-hand corner of the map. This guide will provide a dungeon walkthrough, highlighting its enemy density and strategies for maximizing XP and Gold gains.



Diablo 4 Dungeon Calibel


Locating Calibel's Mine

Calibel's Mine is in the northern part of the Diablo 4 map. It is a relatively straightforward dungeon, making it ideal for quick farming sessions. When you enter the mine, you'll find a single long pathway leading to a circular boss arena.


Enemy Density and Corridor Combos

One of the advantages of Calibel's Mine is its abundance of enemies and narrow corridors. As you progress through the dungeon, you'll encounter numerous foes on both sides, allowing for effective combo attacks. This setup favours area-of-effect (AoE) abilities, enabling you to dispatch large groups of enemies efficiently.


Comparing XP gains

Previously popular farming dungeons like the Ruins Of Eridu have been nerfed, reducing their XP rewards. However, Calibel's Mine remains a viable option for farming XP and Gold. On beginner World Tier 1 difficulty, players have reported gaining around 70k XP per run. While slightly less than some other dungeons, Calibel's Mine compensates with its enemy density and straightforward layout.


Shrine and Patrol Captain

Within Calibel's Mine, you'll consistently find a shrine which may offer beneficial effects to aid your progression. Additionally, a Patrol Captain can be encountered in the vicinity. Dispatching these foes will contribute to your XP gains.


Poison Hazards

Unlike the Paint of Eredu, Calibel's Mine has fewer or no poison hazards, making it less dangerous for players. However, always remain vigilant and watch out for any lingering threats.


Progression and Key Acquisition

To progress through Calibel's Mine, defeat enemies and proceed along the main pathway. Eliminate any obstacles until you reach the Patrol Captain, who holds the key required to open the gate. Dispatch the captain and swiftly move toward the gate, which will be located just ahead.


Obtaining the Stone

Once inside the circular boss arena, you'll notice that the objective marker indicates the stone's location is down on the map. Make your way to the lower level to find the stone required. This objective is conveniently positioned in the front, making it easy to locate.


Altar Placement and Boss Encounter

Bridges will appear upon placing the stone on the altar, allowing you to proceed directly toward the resurrected malice boss. Utilize the bridge to create a straight path towards the boss encounter. By minimizing detours, you can optimize your farming time.


Completion Time and Difficulty

The entire run through Calibel's Mine, including defeating the resurrected malice boss, typically takes around eight minutes. This estimation is based on World Tier 2 difficulty, but feel free to adjust the difficulty to match your desired challenge level.



Calibel's Mine in Diablo 4 offers a rewarding experience farming opportunity due to its high enemy density, narrow corridors, and straightforward layout. Although other dungeons have been nerfed, Calibel's Mine remains a reliable option for gaining XP efficiently. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this dungeon provides a suitable challenge for all. Experiment with different builds and strategies to optimize your farming runs and advance your character's progression. 

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