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Diablo 4 Top Solo Farming Dungeons for XP, Gold and Items Guides

Are you a solo player in Diablo 4 looking for efficient farming spots to earn XP, Gold and Items? While Blizzard may have nerfed some popular spots, there are still fantastic dungeons you can take advantage of. In this guide, we will explore five dungeons that remain viable after the latest patch. These dungeons will help you maximize your gains, whether alone or in a group. So, gear up and get ready to dominate the dungeons of Diablo 4!



Ruins Of Eridu

Located in the heart of Diablo 4, the Ruins of Eridu offers a hidden instance that can spawn additional enemies if you quickly clear out a large group. Focus on the first section of this dungeon, which resembles a figure of eight on the map. By swiftly eliminating enemies, you'll witness more enemies dropping down for you to slay. To maximize efficiency, prioritize farming the first section for XP and Diablo 4 Gold. Watch for events within the dungeon as they offer great rewards.


Haunted Refuge

Situated at a specific location on the map, the Haunted Refuge provides an exhilarating farming experience. In the first section, you must collect two Stone Carvings and place them on a pedestal. If possible, run past enemies and progress to the second part, where the action intensifies. There, you'll encounter a chaotic group of enemies, which presents an excellent opportunity to gather them together for efficient farming. Additionally, there's a high chance of encountering another large group, so clear them out before resetting the dungeon for maximum XP and Gold gains. Don't miss out on events within the dungeon, as they offer valuable rewards.


Domhainne Tunnels

For another solo farming dungeon, head to the Domhainne Tunnels. After freeing six prisoners in the first part, swiftly move on to the second section, where the real action begins. Here, you'll come across two massive groups of enemies that you should focus on farming. While you can run the entire dungeon if you're quick enough, the primary source of XP comes from these large enemy groups. Clear them out efficiently to optimize your farming results.


Iron Hold

The Corded Iron Hold is another exceptional solo farming dungeon that continues to provide intense gameplay. In the first section, you must slay a specific enemy type to retrieve a key. Run past other enemies and reach the top right of the area to find and defeat the target. After obtaining the key, open the door and explore the area for events, which spawn additional enemies in significant numbers. Even if there are no events, you'll encounter multiple large groups of enemies that will reward you with substantial XP, Gold and Items. Make the most of this dungeon's chaotic atmosphere to reap the benefits of farming.


Forsaken Quarry

Diablo 4 Top Solo Farming Dungeons for XP, Gold and Items Guides

Last but not least, the Forsaken Quarry is an advantageous solo farming spot that shouldn't be missed. It boasts a multitude of large enemy groups, providing a thrilling and challenging experience. We recommend running through the entire dungeon, including the boss fight, as enemies keep appearing in the boss room. The continuous flow of enemies guarantees massive XP and Gold gains. Although this dungeon may take slightly longer than others on this list, the rewards and XP make it a worthwhile investment.



As a solo player in Diablo 4, you can still find incredible farming spots despite some adjustments made by Blizzard. The Ruins of Urdu, Haunted Refuge, Domhainne Tunnels, Iron Hold, and Forsaken Quarry offer exceptional opportunities for XP and Items. Remember to efficiently clear enemy groups, participate in events, and maximize your farming potential in each dungeon. By utilizing these solo farming strategies, you'll dominate the world of Diablo 4 and amass great riches and power. 

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