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7 Important Preparations to Make Enhance the Endgame Raid Experience in FFXIV

Welcome, adventurers! In this guide, we will discuss the seven most important preparations you can make to enhance your endgame raiding experience in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you're venturing into Party Finder or searching for a static, these tips will help you overcome challenges and create a smoother journey towards clearing savage content and extreme trials. So, let's dive right in!


7 Important Preparations to Make Enhance the Endgame Raid Experience in FFXIV


Watch Relevant Endgame Raid Guides

Watching relevant raid guides is crucial to understanding the mechanics and strategies employed in the encounters. Hector Hectorson's guides are widely recognized and highly recommended within the Final Fantasy XIV raiding community. Additionally, MTQCapture provides gameplay videos that allow you to visually grasp the mechanics and prepare yourself for the battles ahead. Watching these guides will give you a significant advantage when entering Party Finder or joining a static.


Study Point of View (PoV) Videos for Your Role

To improve your raiding experience, watch PoV videos of players in the same role as yours. This will provide valuable insights into positioning, mechanics, and mitigation strategies specific to your role. By focusing on one role at a time, you can better connect the dots and understand your responsibilities during the fights. Learning from experienced players in your role is an excellent way to enhance your own performance.


Identify Specific Strategies for Mechanics

Many raid fights offer multiple strategies that can be successful. Keep an eye out for named strategies such as "JP strat" (Japanese strategy) or "Kriel strat" (named after a group). These strategies are often referred to in the Party Finder descriptions. Googling the strategy name along with "FFXIV" will usually yield videos or guides explaining the approach. Remember, the names themselves are not crucial, but understanding the strategy they represent is essential.


Be Honest About Your Progression

Maintaining honesty about your progression, also known as prog point, is vital when joining Party Finder groups. Avoid exaggerating or misrepresenting your experience. By clearly stating your familiarity with specific mechanics and expressing a willingness to improve, you create an environment of understanding and learning. Most of the time, Party Finder groups organizing for progression are willing to help and guide each other.


Gear Appropriately and Understand GCD Speeds

Gearing is crucial for endgame raiding success. Rather than simply focusing on the highest item level, it's important to consider recommended gear sets provided by resources such as The Balance Discord. These sets take into account the optimal GCD (Global Cooldown) speed for your job, allowing your abilities to align smoothly throughout the battle. Take the time to research and practice a rotation that complements your chosen gear set.


Learn the Basics of Raid Terminology

Understanding common raid terminology will greatly assist you in coordinating with your group during encounters. Familiarize yourself with terms such as "enums" (stacking with a partner for a specific mechanic), "clock spots" (pre-determined positions for specific mechanics), "cardinals" (long sides of a square), and "intercardinals" (corners of a square). These terms serve as a foundation for effective communication and positioning within raids.


Maintain a Positive Attitude and Handle Toxicity

Approach Party Finder with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Begin interactions with friendly greetings and show your eagerness to tackle the content. If you encounter toxic behaviour, calmly address the situation and remind others that you are all there to learn and progress. Unfortunately, negative experiences may occur, but by preparing yourself and maintaining personal responsibility, you can limit the impact of such encounters.



By following these seven important preparations, you can significantly improve your endgame raiding experience in Final Fantasy XIV. Remember to watch relevant guides, study PoV videos for your role, familiarize yourself with specific strategies, be honest about your progression, gear appropriately, learn raid terminology, and maintain a positive attitude. Whether you decide to venture into Party Finder or search for a static, these tips will aid you in conquering savage content and extreme trials. Best of luck on your raiding journey, adventurers!

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