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Poe Ritual Farming Guide: Maximizing Currency Rewards

Path of Exile's Ritual League holds a special place in the hearts of many players. It offers a unique and exciting gameplay mechanic that can be fun and rewarding. In this guide, we will explore the best ways to farm Rituals and provide tips to help you make the most of your farming experience, earning valuable poe currency.



Poe Ritual Farming Guide: Maximizing Currency Rewards


Setting Up Your Atlas Passive Tree

To start your Ritual farming journey, you must allocate points in your Atlas passive tree. Press Ctrl+G to access the Atlas passive tree once you have obtained some points by completing maps. In the Ritual League, all the Ritual nodes are located on the left-hand side of the map. By clicking on the central icon, you can view the locations of all the Ritual nodes on the map.



Points in the Atlas passive tree:

  • Take all the nodes that contain Ritual Altars unless you plan to use Sextants to force Rituals.
  • Prioritize nodes that reduce the cost of rerolling and deferring Rituals, which will help you save currency.
  • Allocate points in nodes that increase your chance for special rewards and provide more tribute from map rituals.
  • Optional: Allocate points in other nodes based on your preferred farming strategies, such as increasing the chance for specific map drops or boss encounters.


Understanding the Ritual Mechanics

Once you've set up your Atlas passive tree, it's time to delve into the mechanics of Rituals. When encountering a Ritual Altar on a map, you must clear the monsters surrounding it before interacting with the altar. Killing these monsters will sacrifice them for the ritual. After clearing the area, the Ritual Altar will present the ritual's unique modifiers and challenges.


It's important to note that the ritual rewards are only fully revealed after completing the third ritual on each map. Therefore, finishing all the rituals before deciding which rewards to pursue is best.


Maximizing Your Ritual Rewards

Ritual farming can be a bit of a gamble, as the rewards can vary greatly. Some rituals may yield valuable items like Exalted Orbs or even a Mirror of Kalandra, while others may offer more modest rewards like stacks of Alchemy Orbs and Divines. However, you can increase your chances of getting lucrative rewards with the right strategies.

  • Deferring Rewards: If you come across a valuable item but don't have enough tribute to acquire it, you can defer the item for a future ritual. Deferring reduces the cost of the item and ensures it will reappear in later rituals. Remember that deferring too many items can consume your tribute, so choose wisely.
  • Rerolling Rituals: If the rewards in a ritual are not enticing or you're looking for something better, you can re-roll in the ritual. Rerolling will refresh the rewards, giving you another chance at valuable items. It's an excellent strategy to reroll until you find rewards worth your investment.
  • Awakening PoE Trade: Consider using the Awakening PoE Trade overlay tool to check the value of specific items in your rituals quickly. This tool allows you to search for items and see their market value, helping you decide whether to acquire or defer them.
  • Ritual Splinters and Vessels: You will collect Ritual Splinters as you complete rituals. Once you accumulate 100 Splinters, they will automatically combine into a Ritual Vessel. Right-clicking on a Ritual Vessel before running a map will save the monsters sacrificed in the previous rituals. Using a Ritual Vessel in a map will add these monsters to the ritual, providing additional tribute and rewards.
  • Blood-Filled Vessels: Completing the final Ritual Altar in a map has a 15% chance to drop a Blood-Filled Vessel. These vessels contain an increased number of monsters and offer a significant boost in favor gain. They are particularly useful if you have valuable items to purchase and want to quickly accumulate Tribute.


Remember, Ritual encounters are akin to gambling, with a wide range of potential rewards. You can find anything from low-value items to extremely valuable ones. Experiment with different strategies, defer items strategically, and reroll when necessary to optimize your Ritual farming experience. 

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