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Diablo 4 Exploits & Glitches: How to Efficient XP, Legendary, and Opal Farming?

In this guide, we will discuss some of the broken exploits and glitches currently present in Diablo 4 that allow players to farm XP and legendaries efficiently. We'll cover the recent hotfix and clarify any confusion surrounding it, as well as provide step-by-step instructions on how to exploit dungeons for maximum gains. Please note that these exploits may be subject to patching in the future, so make sure to take advantage of them while they are still available.



Diablo 4 Exploits & Glitches: How to Efficient XP, Legendary, and Opal Farming?


Understanding the Hotfix

The recently released hotfix (hotfix11- June 15th, 2023 1.0.2) primarily focuses on server-side improvements to enhance game stability. Despite the mention of stability and improvements in the patch notes, it is essential to note that this hotfix does not address the current elite exploit that allows for double XP and unique item farming. Only one exploit has been patched, involving a method of leveling up low-level players using higher-tier characters.


Elite Exploit for XP and Unique Items

The elite exploit allows players to farm XP and unique items efficiently. To utilize this exploit, follow these steps:

  • Invite a low-level friend to your lobby who does not have access to tier three or tier four.
  • As the higher-tier player, defeat a large number of enemies, granting your friend double XP and a chance to acquire unique items early.

Note that this exploit has been patched and can no longer be used in an exploitive manner.


Dungeon Exploit for XP and Legendaries

A recent exploit involves farming XP and legendaries by repeatedly resetting dungeons. Follow these steps to take advantage of this exploit:

  • Locate the dungeon of interest on the map and head towards the left side until you encounter the tunnel's entrance.
  • It is recommended to use XP elixirs or team up with a friend for increased benefits.
  • Inside the dungeon, free all the prisoners, and proceed to the next level.
  • After freeing the prisoners, you will encounter a group of enemies. This is where the exploit becomes lucrative, as numerous elites unintentionally spawn.
  • Explore further into the dungeon to find additional groups of enemies.

Note that this exploit is currently working and has not been patched, despite some misinformation in the comments section of previous guide.


Instant Dungeon Reset Exploit

By exploiting an instant dungeon reset glitch, players can quickly reset the entire dungeon for efficient farming. Here's how:

  • While inside the dungeon, do not exit it; instead, teleport back to town using the designated key (T) or console command (down on the D-pad).
  • Once in town, sell any unwanted items.
  • Return to the dungeon entrance and re-enter within a short timeframe (around 5 to 7 seconds).
  • The dungeon will be completely reset, allowing you to repeat the farming process.

This glitch can be triggered after farming a sufficient amount and provides a convenient way to rinse and repeat the dungeon farming method.


Opal Exploit Spot

Another exploitable spot for farming opals is located in Fate's Retreat. Here's how to access it:

  • Fast travel to Fate's Retreat, situated towards the top left of the map.
  • Proceed towards the north, take a left, and clear out the enemies at the event.
  • Defeat the boss at the end of the event and immediately teleport back to town (T key or console command).
  • Return to the dungeon entrance by going straight through the portal.
  • The enemies and the event will have reset, allowing you to farm opals repeatedly.
  • Exchange the accumulated opals with the Purveyor of Curiosity for powerful loot, including legendaries.



While these exploits and glitches provide an effective way to farm XP, legendaries, and opals, it's crucial to be aware that they may be patched in the future. Take advantage of them while they are still available, but remember to enjoy the game responsibly. Happy farming, and may your loot be bountiful in Diablo 4!

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