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Diablo 4 Farms Guide: How to get 20M XP and Lots of Legendaries in Nightmare Dungeons?

In Diablo 4, the primary objective for many players is to level up and acquire powerful gear, including legendaries and uniques. While dungeon resetting has been a popular method, the developers have emphasized that it's not the intended way to grind. Nightmare dungeons, on the other hand, offer a more enjoyable and varied experience while still providing significant rewards. This guide will explore the rewards of Nightmare Dungeons, compare them to normal dungeons, and provide recommendations on the best dungeons to farm for XP and legendaries.


Diablo 4 Farms Guide: How to get 20M XP and Lots of Legendaries in Nightmare Dungeons?


The Rewards of Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons provide a unique experience by offering a combination of variety, randomness, and enjoyable gameplay. Nightmare dungeons offer several benefits, including a guaranteed legendary items drop at the end. As you progress to higher tiers (20 and above), these guaranteed drops often include D4 unique items. Additionally, the drop rates inside nightmare dungeons are similar to their normal counterparts, with higher-level enemies having better drop rates. By running nightmare dungeons, you can expect to obtain the same amount of legendaries as a normal dungeon, if not more, due to the guaranteed drop at the end.


XP Farming in Nightmare Dungeons

One of the advantages of nightmare dungeons is the potential for increased experience gains. By choosing nightmare dungeons with enemies that are at least three levels above your character, you can earn a bonus of 25% experience. This bonus, combined with efficient clearing, can rival or even surpass the experience gained from normal dungeon resetting. Some dungeons, such as Blind Burrows, are particularly dense with monsters, allowing for quick clears and substantial XP gains.


Best Nightmare Dungeons for XP and Legendaries

When considering the best nightmare dungeons for XP farming, the focus should be on high monster density and fast completion times. Elderwood, Gulron Canals, Onyx Hold, and Earthen Wound are excellent choices due to their abundance of easy-to-fight enemies. However, the top-tier dungeon for both XP and legendaries is Blind Burrows, thanks to its large number of spiders and spider hosts. With an efficient area-of-effect (AoE) build, you can clear the dungeon's objectives in around 2 minutes and 30 seconds, earning a staggering amount of experience.


For legendary farming, the key is to prioritize fast clear times and objective completion. Mall Wood, Lost Archives, and Alderwood are some of the best nightmare dungeons for quick clears, focusing mainly on objectives and elite enemies. These dungeons yield a guaranteed legendary or unique item at the end.


Personalization and Experimentation

While the recommended dungeons provide a good starting point, it's important to remember that the effectiveness of each dungeon may vary depending on your class and build. Some dungeons may suit certain playstyles better, so it's worth experimenting and finding the dungeons that work best for you. For example, Whispering Pines might be an excellent choice for XP farming if it aligns well with your build, despite not being a top-tier dungeon.


Maximizing Rewards and Considering Glyph Upgrades

Aside from XP and legendary farming, nightmare dungeons offer another significant advantage: Paragon Glyphs. These custom nodes, inserted into one socket on each Paragon board, can provide substantial power boosts. Leveling up glyphs increases their effects, such as bonus damage against vulnerable enemies. Upgrading glyphs is crucial for maximizing your character's power, and nightmare dungeons provide an excellent opportunity to acquire the necessary XP for glyph upgrades.



While Nightmare Dungeons may not offer the absolute highest experience gains or legendary drop rates compared to specific farm methods, they provide a well-rounded experience with variety, powerful rewards, and the opportunity to level up Paragon Glyphs. Considering the potential for both experience and loot, Nightmare Dungeons deserve your attention. Moreover, engaging in Nightmare Dungeons can break the monotony of farming and keep your gameplay experience fresh. Experiment with different dungeons, find the ones that suit your playstyle, and enjoy the grind in Diablo 4!

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