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PoE 2 New Weapon Classes: Spear and Crossbow

Path of Exile 2 is bringing some exciting changes and additions to the game, including the introduction of at least 2 new weapon classes. While there may be more weapons on the horizon, the spear and the crossbow are the confirmed newcomers. These weapons will join the existing arsenal of swords, axes, bows, wands, maces, claws, daggers, staves, and scepters in Path of Exile. However, what sets these new weapon classes apart is the exciting array of skills and abilities built into the base items themselves.


PoE 2 New Weapon Classes: Spear and Crossbow


Overview of Weapons

Before diving into the details of the new weapon classes, let's quickly recap how weapons function as Path of Exile itemsWeapons are a category of equipment that deal damage through attacks or modify the way a character deals damage. Each weapon has its own base statistics, such as physical damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed. Additionally, weapons have different ranges, which determine the maximum distance at which a character can strike an enemy. 


The type of weapon also determines the affixes it can roll, and each weapon base has its own implicit modifiers, which provide passive benefits. For example, a rusted sword base provides an increased global accuracy rating, while a hooked sword gives a chance to maim on a hit. These implicit modifiers cannot be added or removed and are unique to each weapon base type.


The Spear in Path of Exile 2

The spear is set to redefine the way weapon classes feel in Path of Exile 2. Grinding Gear Games aims to make each weapon class feel distinct, with swords playing differently from axes and staves differing from wands. With the spear, the focus is on mobility, allowing players to weave in and out of combat with ease. Spear builds will offer both powerful ranged and melee options, emphasizing fast movement. Characters wielding spears will always have at least one mobility skill, granting them enhanced maneuverability on the battlefield. 


This new archetype of weapon brings to mind the agility of bow builds combined with the burst potential of melee attacks. The introduction of Spears adds a fresh and exciting playstyle to Path of Exile 2, reminiscent of the Amazon class in Diablo 2 and the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3.


The Crossbow in Path of Exile 2

Similar to spears, crossbows in Path of Exile 2 also provide unique skills to characters. However, instead of focusing on movement, crossbows grant attack skills to those who equip them. Each type of crossbow will have its own set of implicitly given skills. For example, a power shot crossbow may grant the Power Shot skill, which can be modified using support gems. The showcased gameplay footage reveals various bolt skills, such as incendiary, armour-piercing, and permafrost bolts. Players can freely swap between these bolt types without any additional cost.


Another base type, the siege crossbow, was also featured, introducing the Siege Cascade skill. It appears to fire bolts into the air, smashing down upon enemies. While no extremely powerful crossbow skills have been shown yet, it's reasonable to expect that more will be revealed as development progresses.


New Uniques for Path of Exile 2

With the release of Path of Exile 2, players can look forward to a variety of new unique weapons for both spears and crossbows. These uniques will introduce different art styles, instant niche build possibilities, and potentially chase items that players will strive to obtain. The addition of spears and crossbows to the list of unique weapons in the game will provide even more diversity and options for players to explore.


Potential Changes to All Weapons in Path of Exile 2

It is likely that changes will be made to all weapons in Path of Exile with the release of Path of Exile 2. While it's uncertain how extensive these changes will be, it's possible that implicit modifiers and skills tied to specific weapons will be expanded beyond spears and crossbows. This could provide each weapon class with its own unique set of skills, ensuring that every weapon feels distinct and valuable.


However, it's crucial to strike a balance between introducing new mechanics and preserving build diversity. Implementing implicit scales on every weapon base might limit build options, so it's essential to find a middle ground that enhances gameplay without restricting player choice.


Review and Looking Forward

The introduction of the spear and crossbow in Path of Exile 2 is an exciting development for the game. These new weapon classes will offer fresh gameplay experiences, with spears emphasizing mobility and crossbows providing powerful attack skills. Path of Exile 2 may also bring significant changes to the overall weapon class system, enhancing existing weapons and potentially introducing more new classes in the future.


As we eagerly await the release of Path of Exile 2, we can expect more official information about these new weapons and their gameplay mechanics to be revealed. The journey to Path of Exile 2 draws closer with each passing day, and players can look forward to exploring the new possibilities that these weapon classes will bring.



The upcoming release of Path of Exile 2 brings with it the introduction of two new weapon classes: the spear and the crossbow. These additions promise to bring fresh gameplay experiences and further diversify the already extensive arsenal of weapons in the game. The spear focuses on mobility, offering both ranged and melee options, while the crossbow provides unique attack skills to characters wielding them. With the inclusion of these new weapon classes, Path of Exile 2 aims to enhance the distinctiveness of each weapon archetype and provide players with even more build possibilities.

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