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Path of Exile 2 Massive of Skills Will Changes

Path of Exile 2 is on the horizon, and with it comes exciting new skill changes that have the potential to impact the game significantly. In this article, we'll discuss the upcoming skill changes and explore the potential disappointments and the positive aspects they may bring. You're in for a treat if you haven't seen the new gameplay trailers featuring the mage and monk classes. These trailers showcased a massive rework of movement skills and hinted at broader skill changes throughout the game. Let's dive into the details.

Path of Exile 2 Massive of Skills Will Changes


The Issue with the Current Skill System

In the current version of Path of Exile, the developers encourage players to use multiple skills per character, aiming for more diverse builds rather than relying on a single primary skill. However, this approach disappoints some players who prefer the simplicity and effectiveness of having one dominant skill. Movement skills, in particular, often have low or no cooldowns, leading to high mobility and the potential for unbalanced boss encounters. Tuning bosses becomes challenging when accounting for builds with excessive mobility versus those lacking.


Reworking Movement Skills

The new skill changes showcased in the trailers suggest that movement skills will receive significant reworks. The introduction of skill-based dashes integrated into main damage-dealing skills will make traversing the battlefield easier and more fluid. This shift will address the current static or dodge-focused gameplay, creating a hybrid experience reminiscent of Cyclone but with multiple skills at your disposal. Incorporating blinks and simultaneous damage into various skills makes gameplay less clunky and offers a smoother combat flow.


Increased Gameplay Diversity

One of the most promising aspects of the skill changes is the enhanced gameplay diversity they offer. With a combination of different skills and less reliance on specific movement skills like Leap Slam or Flame Dash, players will have more freedom to experiment with various skill combinations. This newfound flexibility allows for a more versatile and hybrid playstyle, reducing the need to reroll characters when seeking a change of pace. It opens up new avenues for character customization, making the gameplay experience more engaging and satisfying.


Positive Impact on Boss Design

The skill changes will have a profound impact on boss design and difficulty. With fewer instant teleportation abilities available, developers will have more tools to create interesting and challenging boss mechanics. This will raise the bar for high-end encounters, making them more engaging and punishing. While some players may find the slower pace aggravating, the overall impact on the game's health and longevity will be positive.


Enhanced Clearing and Tactical Gameplay

The reworked skills will also affect the clearing of maps and combat against packs of mobs. While clearing may become slower, this change will reduce the "one-shot" fast-paced gameplay that currently dominates Path of Exile. Players will better understand what is happening on the battlefield, with less visual clutter and a clearer focus on individual skills. While powerful characters may still be able to breeze through content, the new system encourages a more tactical and methodical approach, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


Addressing Concerns and Outrage

Undoubtedly, the skill changes in Path of Exile 2 will receive mixed reactions within the gaming community. Some players may feel that the slower pace compromises their enjoyment of the game. However, it is essential to recognize that not every game aspect should be about speed, damage, and mobility without consequences. These changes will create a healthier and more sustainable game for years.



The skill changes in Path of Exile 2 represent a significant departure from the current skill system, introducing more fluidity, flexibility, and diversity to the gameplay. While there may be some disappointment and initial resistance, these changes ultimately contribute to the game's overall health and longevity. The revamped movement skills, increased gameplay diversity, improved boss design, and enhanced tactical gameplay make Path of Exile 2 a promising evolution of the beloved ARPG genre. So buckle up and prepare for a new era of exciting challenges and engaging combat!

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