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PoE 3.21 Tawhoa, Forest's Strength Earthquake Chieftain Builds

This guide explores an Earthquake Chieftain Royurkey Ignite build. The build focuses on snapshotting high-damage ignites using unique mechanics, making it an exciting but challenging character. While the build has drawbacks and limitations, it can offer a unique and engaging gameplay experience. Let's delve into the details of this build.

PoE 3.21 Tawhoa, Forest


Build Concept

The main idea behind this build is to take advantage of snapshotting damage from Tawhoa, Forest's Strength , resulting in potent ignites. By converting physical damage to fire and utilizing specific nodes and mechanics, you can achieve significant damage scaling for your ignites.


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Snapshotting and Damage Multipliers

The build utilizes several sources of increased damage to amplify the ignite damage.

These include:

  • 100% increased damage from Tawhoa's
  • 100% increased damage from 100% gain as extra fire damage from Tawhoa's
  • 150% increased damage from Earthquake's base damage
  • 150% more damage from Earthquake's Aftershock

Combining these damage modifiers makes it possible to snapshot a robust 1500 damage scaling ignite.


Sustaining Ignite

To ensure a continuous ignite on the target, the build relies on the Defiled Forces node, which allows you to refresh the duration of your ignite whenever you curse an enemy. This mechanic helps compensate for the slow attack speed of the Moro Yorkie weapon, which can make it challenging to maintain consistent damage uptime.


Challenges and Limitations

Despite its unique approach, this build presents various challenges and limitations:

  • Low attack speed: The Moro Yorkie weapon is slow, requiring precise timing and animation cancelling to optimize damage output.
  • Damage uptime: Sustaining the ignite on enemies, especially during boss fights, can be tricky, even with the Defiled Forces node and Arcanist Brand curse setup.
  • Limited map-clearing potential: The build's focus on single-target damage makes it less efficient for mapping and general gameplay.
  • Boss encounters: Uber fights and encounters with high-health bosses can be particularly challenging due to the build's limitations.


Recommended Alternatives

Considering the limitations and challenges of this build, it's advisable to explore alternative options for melee or ignite-focused characters. While snapshotting ignites can be intriguing, it may not be optimal for achieving desired results.



While the Earthquake Chieftain Royurkey Ignite build showcased in this guide offers a unique concept and snapshotting mechanics, it falls short in various aspects, including damage uptime and map clearing potential. As a result, it is not recommended for general gameplay or challenging boss encounters. Players are encouraged to consider alternative builds for melee or ignite-focused characters with better performance.

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