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Path of Exile 2 Act 1 - 7 Guide: Locations, Content, and Story

Path of Exile 2 is an eagerly awaited sequel that promises a thrilling campaign with seven distinct acts. In this guide, we will delve into the speculated details of each act, discussing their potential locations, content, and the overarching story of Path of Exile 2. Please note that the following information is based on speculation and information provided by Grinding Gear Games.

Path of Exile 2 Act 1 - 7  Guide: Locations, Content, and Story


Act 1: The Island of Agam

Act 1 of Path of Exile 2 takes place on the island of Agam, home to the Azomite tribe. The setting consists of dark forests, Gothic villages, crypts, rocky fjords, and riverways. The Iron Count, a dominant figure in the area, presides over this region. As exiles, we survive execution and find refuge in the Clearfell Encampment. The mysterious Hooded One, who possesses the seed of corruption, enlists our help to retrieve it from the Iron Count. Unfortunately, we fail and the seed is taken to the Vestiri Desert.


Enemy Variety:

Act 1 showcases an impressive variety of enemies, including zombies, crabs, wolves, imps, grubs, devourers, mud golems, werewolves, and more. The diverse pool of monsters ensures unique encounters throughout the campaign.


Act 2: The Vestiri Desert

Act 2 continues our pursuit of the seed of corruption in the Vestiri Desert. We chase a fair Dune Caravan that carries the seed, utilizing a massive Arturo Caravan as our primary means of transportation. The Maraketh tribes, familiar from Path of Exile 1, play a significant role in this act. The desert features endless dunes, sandstorms, deep canyons, enormous fortresses, and The Valley of Titans.


Potential Ascension and Ship Voyage:

During Act 2, it is speculated that we may embark on our Ascension journey, potentially revisiting The Forbidden Sanctum. The ship area teased in the Path of Exile 2 trailer might serve as a transitional point, allowing us to chase the seed of corruption and battle foes at sea.


Act 3: Namakanui, the Moonlet Jungles

Act 3 introduces Namakanui, the homeland of the Marauder in Path of Exile 1. This moonlet jungle setting includes overgrown temples, blighted villages, and mossy caverns. The seed of corruption, having infected the land, might be connected to the Scourge, multiversal invaders known from Scourge League.


Act 4: Agarat, the Vile Valruin

Act 4 takes us to Agarat, an ancient Valruin city situated in a mountainous and putrid landscape. We seek a powerful Val artifact, but the seed of corruption beats us to it. The corrupted seed opens a portal to an alien hellscape, taunting us with the promise of returning with frenzied monsters.


Act 5: Distant Foriel, the Snowy Northern Realm

Act 5 speculatively leads us to Foriel, a distant and snowy Northern realm west of the Vestiri Desert. Harbingers and their connection to the core campaign might play a significant role here. This realm will feature icy and snow-laden areas, towering mountain peaks, blizzarding summits, and icy caverns.


Act 5: The Snowy Northern Realm of Fariel

In Act 5, we embark on a daring adventure to a distant, snow-covered Northern realm. This mysterious place, west of the Vestiri Desert on the map of Rayquast, has been mentioned sparingly in the game. The recent encounter with the harbingers in Fariel during Curax's Atlas memories hints at their connection to the core Path of Exile 2 campaign. To combat the impending threat of corruption's return, we must travel to Fariel and uncover the secrets of the harbingers. Our journey will take us through towering mountain peaks, blizzarding summits, and icy caverns adorned with Harbinger structures and designs.


Act 6: Unveiling Rayquest's Depths and the Titans

Act 6 remains shrouded in mystery, but with some careful thought, we can speculate on its direction. After discovering the secrets of the harbingers, we will be compelled to delve into the depths of Rayquest. Here, we seek aid from the Titans, the ancient inhabitants of Rayclass. Act 2 already introduced us to the concept of Titans, and the trailer and quest names hint at their importance. This leg of the journey will take us to Breklast, a drastically different environment featuring bubbling seas of lava, magnificent caverns, and remnants of the Titan civilization.


Act 7: Beyond - A Dimensional Leap

The climactic Act 7 will transport us to Beyond, an extra-dimensional realm that holds a crucial role in the campaign's conclusion. The Scourge, which has played a prominent role in recent leagues, seems to originate from this realm. By confronting the seed of corruption in this hell-like world with a distinct Path of Exile flavor, we aim to sever the connection between the mortal world and Beyond. This act will also serve as a preparation for players to delve into the Atlas of Worlds after the campaign concludes.


Epilogue: The Unified Endgame Story

Path of Exile 1 and Path of Exile 2 will ultimately converge in a shared epilogue or endgame story. The current narrative revolves around the siege of the Atlas, where our world faces the threat of Eldritch entities from incomprehensible worlds. Champions such as the Eater of Worlds and the Searing Exarch have posed significant challenges. Although we defeat the current champions, the story suggests that more entities are looming on the horizon. As players venture into the atlas and strive to claim it for our world, the narrative will continue to evolve, leaving room for future updates and expansions.



Path of Exile 2 promises an enthralling campaign with its diverse realms, epic battles, and the exploration of uncharted territories. While the precise details remain to be officially unveiled, the speculated journey outlined in this guide sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure. Gear up, Exiles, for the battle against corruption and the salvation of Rayclass awaits!

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