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PoE 3.21 Poison Kinetic Blast Totem Pathfinder Build

In this guide, we will explore a powerful build for Path of Exile using Poison Kinetic Blast Pathfinder. By combining the mechanics of Kinetic Blast with fork and ballista totems, we can stack a massive number of projectiles and explosions. This build excels at dealing poison damage, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy chaos-based builds. We will discuss the key components of the build, including skill tree allocation, gear choices, flask setup, and more.



PoE 3.21 Poison Kinetic Blast Totem Pathfinder Build


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Skill Overview

The core mechanic of this build revolves around the interaction between Kinetic Blast and fork. Each time a projectile hits a target, it creates an explosion with Kinetic Blast. When combined with fork, the projectiles can split off from the target, creating additional explosions. With multiple projectiles hitting the target, you generate numerous projectile hits, explosion hits, and fork hits, resulting in a significant number of projectiles and explosions.


Increasing Projectile Count

To maximize the number of projectiles, we employ several methods:

  • Allocate the Multishot passive on the skill tree for one additional projectile.
  • Utilize the Greater Multiple Projectiles Support gem for four additional projectiles.
  • Equip the unique jewel Reign of Splinters to gain two additional projectiles from our totems.
  • Use the unique flask Dying Sun to gain another two additional projectiles.

By combining these sources, we can have up to nine additional projectiles from our totems, resulting in a total of 60 projectiles being fired.


Scaling Damage

To enhance our base damage and maximize poison damage, we focus on the following components:

  • Use a Covenant Spider Silk Robe, which supports our skill gems with level 29 added chaos damage. This provides a substantial amount of flat added chaos damage to our wand attacks, crucial for scaling poison damage and chaos damage.
  • Opt for an amulet and glove setup that enables curses. Anointing Vengeance Cascade and using an Impresence Onyx Amulet with the Despair curse as an aura, supported by the Blasphemy gem, allows us to apply curses without mana reservation.
  • Utilize Breath Stealer gauntlets, which can be corrupted with the Temporal Chains on Hit modifier. These gloves provide an additional curse, allowing us to cast both Despair and Temporal Chains.
  • Consider other enchantments on your helmet, such as Kinetic Blast has a chance to do an additional explosion. While rare, this enchantment significantly boosts your build's potential.


Gear Overview

  • Wand: Crafting a wand with high flat physical damage, chaos damage, attack speed, and chaos dot multiplier is crucial. The essence of Envy can be used to target flat physical damage. Prefixes cannot be changed and crafting with Ashling can help achieve desirable mods.
  • Other Gear: Acquire gear with relevant stats such as increased evasion rating on Jade Flask, increased elemental resistances during flask effect, and reduced mana cost of flasks. Choose gear with life, resistances, and any additional stats that complement your build.


Jewel Setup

  • Focus on acquiring jewels with life, resistances, and damage modifiers. An Impossible Escape jewel provides valuable aura effect and Melding for increased life and energy shield.
  • Look for corrupted blood immunity, life, resistances, and other suitable mods on your jewels.


Flask Management

Flasks play a crucial role in this build, providing utility, survivability, and damage. It is essential to maintain flask uptime to ensure maximum effectiveness. While mapping, you will constantly encounter monsters, allowing you to generate flask charges. However, during boss fights, flask sustain may become challenging. To address this, consider investing in flask charge gain nodes on the passive skill tree, such as the Natural Remedies cluster, to increase charge generation. Additionally, investing in flask effect duration and increased flask charges gained can help prolong the duration of your flasks.


Gear Considerations

  • Resists: Since this build primarily focuses on mapping, it is crucial to cap your elemental resistances. Failure to do so may leave you vulnerable to elemental damage. Prioritize gear with high resistances to ensure you are adequately protected.
  • Flask-Related Stats: Look for gear that reduces the mana cost of flasks, increases evasion rating on Jade Flask for better survivability, and grants increased elemental resistances during flask effect.
  • Unique Items: While the build can work with budget options, some unique items can enhance its performance. However, keep in mind that they may come at a significant cost. For example, Dead Eye with the Endless Munitions ascendancy can provide two additional projectiles, greatly increasing the build's damage output. Similarly, Impossible Escape can grant aura effect, while Reign of Splinters provides extra projectiles from totems.


Jewel Setup

  • Aura Effect: Consider investing in an Impossible Escape jewel to increase aura effect, which significantly boosts your damage output.
  • Life and Resistances: Look for jewels that provide life and resistances to improve survivability.
  • Corrupted Blood Immunity: Having a jewel with corrupted blood immunity is highly recommended for dealing with this dangerous ailment.


Budget Considerations

This build can be achieved on a budget, and the gear and jewels mentioned in this guide reflect a cost-efficient setup. While there are more expensive options available, such as additional projectiles from Dead Eye, they are not necessary for the build's success. The estimated cost for this build is around 20 to 25 divine orbs, making it accessible to a wide range of players.



The flask-focused mapping build in Path of Exile provides an exciting and efficient way to clear maps. By prioritizing flask management, utilizing suitable gear, and optimizing jewel choices, you can enhance your survivability and damage output. While more expensive options are available, this guide offers a budget-friendly setup that can deliver excellent results. 

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