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Diablo 4 Seasons One Updates and Changes: Everything Known so Far

Diablo 4 introduces an exciting feature called Seasons, which may be unfamiliar to new players or those new to the ARPG genre. In this guide, we will explain how Diablo 4 Seasons work, providing you with the necessary information to understand and participate in this dynamic aspect of the game. While some details are yet to be fully explained by the developers, we will cover everything known so far.

Diablo 4 Seasons One Updates and Changes: Everything Known so Far


Tribute to Hardcore Heroes

Recently, Diablo's Twitter account announced that a thousand hardcore heroes in Diablo 4 have reached level 100 and evaded death. To honor their achievements, Blizzard has etched the names of these players in stone on a statue of Lilith at Blizzard Studios. While some players have raised concerns about account boosting and the rapid increase in the number of players, it is still an impressive feat. The full list of names will be available soon, and Blizzard plans to update the blog post with verified names.


Fixes and Changes Before Season 1

Blizzard has confirmed that they are working on a re-evaluation of renown in seasonal content. Additionally, map portions discovered in the Eternal realm will carry forward to the seasonal realms, along with the altars of Lilith, both contributing to Renown progression. In terms of dungeons and nightmare dungeons, buffs and nerfs are in the works to encourage intended gameplay. Nightmare dungeons will now reward more XP and Diablo 4 Gold, making them more appealing to players. Furthermore, nightmare dungeons will have a higher drop rate for sacred and ancestral gear, enhancing the rewards for players.


Sigils and Client Patch

Sigils, which act as a faster travel item, will allow players to travel to the target dungeon quickly. This new mechanic provides convenience and streamlines the gameplay experience. Additionally, Blizzard has planned a significant client patch, spanning 13 pages of patch notes. This patch will include fixes for various issues and address performance-related concerns. The extensive patch notes indicate a commitment to improving the game before Season 1 begins.


Seasonal Journey

The seasonal journey in Diablo 4 offers a new way to progress and earn rewards. To participate in the seasonal journey and battle pass, players must create a seasonal character. If you have already completed the storyline on your main character, the seasonal character will have the storyline already completed. The objectives in the seasonal journey range from reaching level 20 to defeating monsters, completing quests, and interacting with jewelers. By completing all nine chapters in the seasonal journey, players can unlock chapter rewards. While the details about completing all 11 objectives remain unknown, it promises to be an exciting challenge for completionists.


Creating a New Seasonal Character

To participate in a new season, you need to create a new character. Characters are tied to specific realms, with the main server being the Eternal realm. However, during a season, you will play on a separate realm dedicated to that specific season (e.g., Season 1 realm, Season 2 realm, and so on). At the end of a season, your character will be transferred to the Eternal realm, allowing you to continue playing with it there. It's important to note that your old character does not carry over, and a new character is required to experience the seasonal mechanics and fair competition.


Map and Waypoints

The map in Diablo 4 is shared between characters. Any portions of the map that you have uncovered visually will carry over to your new seasonal character, saving you from having to rediscover those areas. However, waypoints, except for major city waypoints, will need to be acquired again, requiring you to explore and collect them.


Renown and Progression

When starting a new character in a season, your Renown progress from the Eternal realm will only count towards the map discovered and the altar of Lilith acquired. This means that the first two Renown unlocks will be available for your seasonal character, but you will still need to complete side quests, progress through the story, and collect waypoints.


Altar of Lilith

The stats and progress from the altar of Lilith will carry over from the Eternal realm to your seasonal character. This provides an advantage, as you can already farm the altar of Lilith and save time when the Seasons begin.


Benefits of Participating in Seasons

You might wonder why you should participate in Seasons when there is a permanent realm available. Seasons in Diablo 4 usually introduce exciting seasonal mechanics, such as the altar-like mechanics in Diablo 3's last season. Additionally, seasonal quests are expected to offer significant story-driven content, similar to expansions in previous games. There are also objectives and rewards associated with seasons, including bonuses to certain aspects and blessings. These bonuses can significantly alter the core gameplay and combat mechanics, making Seasons an appealing option for players seeking fresh challenges.


Seasonal Mechanics: Battle Pass and Favor

Diablo 4 will feature a Battle Pass system for Seasons, which provides a seasonal leveling mechanic. The Battle Pass offers both free and premium tracks, with the premium track mainly focusing on cosmetic rewards. Completing challenges, objectives, and progressing through the Battle Pass levels will grant you rewards, including smothering ashes. Smothering ashes can be used to enhance your seasonal character's growth by providing XP boosts, rare material boosts, and elixir duration boosts. Favor, earned by completing seasonal objectives, enhances your Battle Pass, further accelerating your character's growth.


Major Changes and Additions

With each new season, Diablo 4 is likely to introduce major changes and additions to the game. These may include new world tiers, gems, and other gameplay enhancements. The developers aim to release significant patches during the first season, ensuring a substantial update and addressing various quality of life improvements.



Participating in Diablo 4 Seasons provides an opportunity to experience new gameplay mechanics, story-driven quests, and seasonal objectives. Creating a new seasonal character allows you to benefit from accelerated growth and bonuses associated with the seasonal mechanics. While your old character remains on the permanent realm, your seasonal character progresses through the season and, eventually, transfers to the main server. With quarterly season releases, players can expect regular updates and substantial content additions. Embrace the challenges and rewards of Diablo 4 Seasons for an enhanced gameplay experience.

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