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Poe Uber Shaper Fight Guide: Optimize Farming Currency Strategy

In this guide, we will discuss a farming strategy for Path of Exile that focuses on farming Uber Shaper. While Uber Shaper may seem time-consuming and challenging, it offers significant profit potential. We'll explore the mechanics of the Shaper fight, the loot drops, and how to maximize your earning Poe Currency. Whether you're new to Shaper or want to optimize your farming routine, this guide has you covered.

Poe Uber Shaper Fight Guide: Optimize Farming Currency Strategy


Understanding the Shaper Fight

To access Uber Shaper, you need to acquire the fragments of Shaper by defeating his four Guardians: Chimera, Phoenix, Hydra, and Minotaur. Each Guardian has its unique mechanics, making the fights diverse and engaging. Once you have the fragments, you can enter the Shaper's realm and confront him directly.


The Profitability of Shaper

Both regular and Uber Shaper encounters offer substantial profits. However, the key difference lies in the rewards: Sublime Visions and Reliquary Keys. Regular Shaper runs can yield valuable Sublime Visions, with some unidentified ones worth around 10 divines each. Uber Shaper has a chance to drop Reliquary Keys, which can be extremely valuable. It's essential to factor in these additional rewards when calculating your potential profit.


Preparing for Uber Shaper

To access Uber Shaper, you'll need to take the Cosmic Wounds Keystone on your Atlas tree, which raises the area level from 83 to 85. This increased difficulty level makes the fight more challenging. However, with the right build and strategy, you can still defeat Uber Shaper efficiently.


Optimizing Your Farming Strategy

When running Uber Shaper, it's crucial to have a character that can handle the fight effectively. While there are many viable builds, it's recommended to choose a build that suits your playstyle and offers a balance between damage output and survivability. Some players prefer Spectral Shield Throw characters for the fight, but any well-built character can succeed.


Maximizing Profit

On average, a single Uber Shaper run takes about five minutes to complete, excluding trade interactions. Each Shaper fragment set costs around 60 chaos orbs. However, selling the fragments individually can yield higher profits, especially when sold in bulk. Fragment of Knowledge and Sublime Visions can be sold for divines, further boosting your earnings.


Additional Considerations

If you're short on Shaper fragments, you can use Horizon Orbs to target specific ones. Additionally, if you're lucky, you may find valuable items such as Shaper's Touch gloves or a Dying Sun flask during your runs. These can be sold for additional profit.



Uber Shaper farming provides an excellent opportunity for consistent and profitable gameplay. With the right build and strategy, you can efficiently run Uber Shaper fights, acquire valuable loot, and make substantial profits. Don't be deterred by the time investment—Uber Shaper can be a lucrative endeavor for those willing to put in the effort. So, gather your fragments, hone your skills, and embark on the path of the ultimate Shaper farmer in Path of Exile.

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