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FFXIV Beastmaster: A Fresh and Exciting Job Awaits

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, where players are eagerly awaiting hints about the next job that will be introduced in Patch 6.4. With the release of Final Fantasy XVI and the involvement of the Producer and Director Yoshid, speculation is running wild about the potential impact of FF16 on FF14. In this guide article, we'll explore the possibility of a new job called Beastmaster, drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy XVI and other hints within the game.


FFXIV Beastmaster: A Fresh and Exciting Job Awaits


Torgal, the Iconic Companion

Final Fantasy XVI introduces a pet companion named Torgal, who follows the player character and can be controlled using commands on the PS5 controller. Torgal's abilities include sick (a strong attack), heel (providing utility and healing), and ravage (a bursty combo-like action). The dynamic gameplay style of controlling both the character and the pet simultaneously aligns with the concept of Beastmaster. Torgal has quickly become an iconic character with numerous references and merchandise. Given Yoshi-P's involvement in both FF14 and FF16, it's likely that elements from FF16, including Torgal, will make their way into FF14.


Scouting Gear

Currently, scouting gear is exclusively used by the Ninja job in FF14. However, it is its own distinct category, separate from other melee DPS jobs like Samurai and Monk, who share gear. The absence of another job utilizing scouting gear suggests that the next DPS job will likely be a melee class. Given the agile and versatile nature of a Beastmaster, it makes sense for them to don scouting gear rather than heavy armour. This trend of gear progression has been observed since Stormblood, indicating a potential fit for Beastmaster in scouting armour.


Beastmaster in FFXIV

Beastmaster is not a new concept in the Final Fantasy franchise, and there have been numerous references to it in FF14, especially in the Bozjan content. The idea of Beastmasters utilizing beasts and having the ability to control and fight alongside them is prevalent in the lore and aesthetics of the game. While Beastmaster was absent in the recent Endwalker expansion, its popularity and the abundance of references suggest that it might finally make its appearance.


Beastmaster in Other Final Fantasy Titles

Beastmaster has been featured in various Final Fantasy titles, including Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. When considering Beastmaster's potential implementation in FF14, Final Fantasy XI's version of the job stands out as a significant influence. Final Fantasy XI's Beastmaster excelled in melee combat, wielding weapons like axes, scythes, daggers, and clubs. This melee-focused aspect could be carried over to FF14's interpretation of Beastmaster.


Limitations in FFXIV

While considering the possibilities of Beastmaster in FF14, it's essential to acknowledge certain limitations within the game. Firstly, it is unlikely that Beastmaster will be a damage-over-time (DoT) based job. Final Fantasy XVI lacks DoT effects in its mechanics, suggesting that FF14's Beastmaster may also omit this aspect. Another limitation may be the lack of customization options for the pet companion. Similar to the Scholar's fairy pets, the Beastmaster's pet is likely to be a static entity without the ability to change its appearance or alter its abilities. However, this can provide consistency and balance in gameplay.


Beastmaster Skill Ideas in FFXIV

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Beastmaster would likely follow a basic one-two-three rotation with branching paths for additional combos. Final Fantasy XVI's avatar actions could serve as inspiration for off-global cooldown abilities, allowing players to use Torgal's unique actions. Exploring various combos and abilities would add depth and excitement to the Beastmaster's gameplay experience.


Powerful Emergency Recovery Tools

One intriguing aspect of Beastmaster could be the inclusion of powerful emergency recovery tools. Similar to how Dragoon has impactful finishers like Stardiver, the Beastmaster could have high-impact abilities that offer significant bursts of damage or utility. Additionally, a mobility ability that involves the player character jumping onto their pet and dashing forward could be a thrilling addition to the Beastmaster's toolkit.



While details about the next job in Final Fantasy XIV are yet to be officially revealed, the concept of Beastmaster holds significant potential. Drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy XVI and previous references within FF14, the introduction of a Beastmaster job utilizing scouting gear and incorporating dynamic pet mechanics would offer a fresh and exciting playstyle for players. Despite potential limitations in customization and DoT-focused abilities, the addition of a Beastmaster job has the potential to expand the game's universe and provide players with a captivating and engaging gameplay experience. As we await further announcements and updates, the possibilities for Beastmaster in Final Fantasy XIV seem promising and worthy of anticipation.

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