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PoE 3.21 FlickerShade Desecrate Necromancer Specter Build

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the FlickerShade Desecrate Necromancer Specter build in Path of Exile. This build offers a unique twist to the traditional Specter playstyle, introducing non-permanent minions that provide substantial benefits. By utilizing Flicker hades as specters, this build allows for increased critical chance and maximum specter count, resulting in potent damage potential. In this Poe Build, we will explore the Desecrate  build's mechanics, scaling options, defensive layers, and performance in different content.

PoE 3.21 FlickerShade Desecrate Necromancer Specter Build


Building Around FlickerShades

The core idea of this build revolves around using FlickerShades as specters. Unlike traditional permanent specters, FlickerShades require summoning, which may seem inconvenient at first. However, the significant advantages of this approach outweigh the downsides. By utilizing FlickerShades, you gain a +2 maximum specter count, which is a considerable boost compared to the usual limit of 4 or 5. Additionally, FlickerShades benefit from a 1000% critical chance, making it easy to reach the crit cap with appropriate investment.


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Summoning and Consistency

One challenge with non-permanent specters is consistently summoning the desired ones. Without careful selection, you might end up with subpar specters, reducing the effectiveness of the build. To address this issue, we focus on the alternate quality of Desecrate that increases the chance of summoning Forgotten Corpses, which are the FlickerShades.


By using Desecrate with this alternate quality, you can reliably summon FlickerShades while mapping. The specters you currently have summoned also influence the likelihood of summoning the desired specter again. This makes the process more consistent, reducing the need for meticulous selection. During boss fights or when there's ample time, you can use Desecrate multiple times to ensure the correct specters are summoned.


Scaling the Build

To maximize the potential of this build, we focus on scaling the specters. Specters can be leveled up significantly, so investing in +2 specter gems and Empower support can greatly enhance their power. While higher specter levels may have diminishing returns, the overall boost in damage and survivability is still significant.


It's worth noting that there are other scaling options available, such as using an Awakened added chaos gem. However, the specific effectiveness of these alternatives depends on the base damage of the specters at higher levels, which requires further investigation. For the purposes of this guide, we focus on the chosen scaling options.


Defensive Layers

Although this build prioritizes offensive capabilities, it still incorporates several defensive layers to ensure survivability. Bone Offering, combined with elevated minion block chance, helps mitigate incoming damage. The use of an Anime Guardian provides a significant boost in monster life, further enhancing survivability.


Additionally, the build benefits from defensive modifiers on gear items, such as stun and block, as well as elevated resistances. These defensive layers, coupled with the inherent tankiness of the specters and the regen from the Stone Golem, provide a decent level of survivability.



The FlickerShade Necromancer Specter build in Path of Exile offers a unique and enjoyable playstyle. While it may not provide the highest level of defense or quality of life compared to other specter builds, it compensates with potent damage potential and consistent specter summoning. By carefully following the build mechanics, scaling options, and defensive considerations outlined in this guide, you can embark on an exciting journey through the game with this build.

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