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How to make at least 200K MGP Per Week with Minimal Effort in FFXIV, 2023?

In this guide, we will provide you with tips and strategies to quickly farm MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points) in Final Fantasy XIV Gold Saucer. MGP can be used to purchase various mounts and glam gear, such as hairstyles, mounts, clothes, emotes, minions, bardings, accessories, songs, and furniture. In this guide, We will share my tricks to help you make at least 200,000 MGPs weekly with minimal effort.


How to make at least 200K MGP Per Week with Minimal Effort in FFXIV, 2023?


Prepare for the Make It Rain Event

During the Make It Rain event, MGP gains increased by 50%. To maximize your gains, send your Squadron on a mission to obtain Gold Saucer VIP cards. Clearing the mission grants you 10 cards, each providing a 15% MGP boost for 2 hours. Additionally, activate the Free Company buff Jackpot II for an extra 10% MGP gain over 24 hours.


Mini and Jumbo Cactpot

One of the best ways to earn MGP daily is by playing Mini Cactpot. You can find this game next to the Prize Claim Attendant in the entrance square of the Gold Saucer. The game involves revealing numbers and selecting a row with a sum that yields a high reward. To find the combinations easily, follow the "Y Strategy": reveal the numbers in a Y shape, allowing you to select either 1-2-3 or 7-8-9 rows. Focus on combinations that give you sums of 6 or 24, which provide significant MGP rewards.


Jumbo Cactpot is a weekly game that can be found next to the Cactpot board Etherite. Speak to the broker to enter the lottery. You can use the randomize button to fill out your ticket automatically. Even if you don't win big, you will still receive a consolation prize that will give you back more MGP than you paid to enter. Participating in the Jumbo Cactpot is a guaranteed way to earn MGP every week.


Normal Games and Valuable Tips

  • Daily and Weekly Cactpot: Ensure you have a different number at the end of each Weekly Cactpot ticket to increase your chances of winning by 30%.
  • Gate Events: These occur every 20 minutes. For Anyway the Wind Blows, position yourself in the southwest corner, which has the highest chance of success. In "The Slice is Right," learn the bamboo patterns and position yourself between two gold piles when the dog appears for a better chance of winning.
  • Leap of Faith: The map rotation follows Limsa Lominsa (0-20 minutes), Ul'dah (20-40 minutes), and Gridania (40-60 minutes) at the top of each hour. Avoid the challenging Sylphstep map if you prefer easier jumps.
  • Air Force One: This is a straightforward first-person shooter mini-game. Aim to hit all targets except the red ones to earn 4,000 MGPs.


Weekly Challenge Log

Utilize the weekly challenge log to earn up to 68,000 MGPs. Some challenges are straightforward, such as participating in triple triad card fights and earning 100 MGP from mini-games. Choose the tasks that appeal to you and complete them throughout the week.


Fashion Report

The Fashion Report is a weekly activity where you need to present specific gear pieces to an NPC called Masked Rose in Wonder Square. Check the Fashion Report solution posted on the official FFXIV Twitter account every Friday. Find the easy 80-point gear pieces for the week, equip them, and present them to Masked Rose to earn a substantial payout of 60,000 MGP. This is a high reward for a small amount of effort.


Wondrous Tails

Visit Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire to pick up a Wondrous Tails journal every week. Completing a line rewards you with 30,000 MGPs, while two lines grant an additional 100,000 MGPs. Achieving three lines is challenging but rewards you with a whopping 1,000,000 MGPs. Utilize rerolls to improve your chances, aiming for at least one line and potentially more.


Chocobo Racing

Unlock Chocobo Racing in the Chocobo Square by talking to the lift operator in the entrance square. Participate in three races per week, which will earn you 5,000 MGP regardless of whether you win or lose. If you win a race, you will receive an additional 5,000 MGP. Chocobo Racing is a fun and quick activity that can be completed in just a few minutes. You don't need to worry about upgrading your Chocobo to receive the weekly payout.


Gold Saucer Gates

Gates are events that spawn every 20 minutes and can be accessed by talking to the gatekeepers scattered around the Gold Saucer. Participate in the following gates for MGP rewards:

  • Leap of Faith: Solve a jumping puzzle and collect treasures along the way. Target your character to see the circle around you for better landing accuracy.
  • Air Force One: Avoid obstacles and reach the end. Requires good reflexes.
  • The Wind Blows: Random event where the boss sneezes, creating areas around the platform. Avoid getting hit by the sneezes.
  • The Slice is Right: Learn the different shapes AOEs created by your jimbo's bamboo slice patterns. Practice and follow experienced participants if you need more confidence.
  • Cliffhanger: Jump your way up, avoiding bombs. Once you get the timing right, it becomes easy.


Participating in five gates per week and winning three will reward you with 13,000 MGP from the Challenge Log alone, plus additional MGP rewards for each gate.


Triple Triad

Triple Triad is a card game in the Gold Saucer. Challenge NPCs in Card Square and aim to win 10 matches. Even if you need to improve at Triple Triad, duelling NPCs like Jonas of the Three Spades can still yield easy wins. Winning 10 matches will give you a total of 13,000 MGP.


Other Gold Saucer Activities

  • Cliffhanger: Jump at the right time to progress through the stages. It's relatively easy.
  • The Open Tournament: Participate in a card game with RNG-based outcomes. It takes around 5 minutes.
  • Chocobo Racing: This activity is quite grindy and mainly worth it for completing weekly challenge logs.
  • Verminion: This activity can be a bit complicated, but if you enjoy strategy games, give it a try.
  • Mahjong: For those interested in a complex tile-based game, Mahjong is available at the Gold Saucer.
  • Triple Triad Tournament: Register and farm fights against Flichoirel to accumulate the highest amount of points. Even if you're not among the top players, you'll receive MGPs at the end of the week.



By following these strategies, you can make tons of MGPs in the Gold Saucer while enjoying the various rewards available. Remember to take advantage of the weekly challenge log, participate in the Fashion Report, and try your luck with Wondrous Tails. With consistent effort, you can earn between 200K MGP per week, allowing you to purchase various rewards from the Gold Saucer.

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