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Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 Flurry Rapid Fire Rogue Build

The Diablo 4 Flurry Rapid Fire Rogue build is a unique and powerful build that utilizes two core skills. This build has been successfully leveled from 1 to 100 on Hardcore difficulty and has proven to be one of the best builds in the game, especially for the Rogue class. It offers incredible speed, easy clearing of enemies, and efficient boss killing capabilities. In this guide, we will explore the key aspects of this build and provide a roadmap for its development.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 Flurry Rapid Fire Rogue Build



With this high-speed Rogue build, the key is to prioritize Rapid Fire for single-target damage and Flurry for crowd control. Use Rapid Fire against isolated enemies or powerful elites to swiftly eliminate them before they can pose a threat. Utilize Flurry when facing groups of enemies or when you need to control the battlefield. This build excels at dispatching enemies quickly, preventing them from launching significant attacks.


Build Strategy

The Flurry Rapid Fire Rogue build revolves around combo points, maintaining a 3-to-1 rotation between Puncture and Flurry, and Puncture and Rapid Fire. This rotation ensures that you maximize the effectiveness of each shot and eliminates any resource issues. Even without energy cost reduction, you won't face any problems, making it suitable for resource burn maps as well.


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Core Skills

  • Flurry: This is your main attack skill, offering a 360-degree circular area of effect (AOE). When combined with its legendary aspect, which is relatively easy to obtain, Flurry becomes even more potent. It excels at clearing groups of enemies and provides decent healing.
  • Rapid Fire: This skill serves as the primary single-target nuke in your arsenal. While not used as frequently as Flurry, it deals more than double the damage of Flurry on a single target, making it incredibly effective against bosses and tough enemies. With equal investment in both skills, Rapid Fire's damage output can even triple that of Flurry.


Mobility and Survivability

The build incorporates two mobility skills to enhance your speed and survivability. The first is Shadow Step, which allows you to break crowd control effects (cc break) and engage packs quickly. The second is Shadow Imbuement, which provides explosive damage and clears large packs of enemies in an instant. By utilizing these skills, you can swiftly move through maps and annihilate your foes.


When to Use Flurry vs. Rapid Fire

Flurry is your go-to skill for 95% of the time, as it offers excellent clearing capabilities. However, the remaining 5% of the time, utilizing Rapid Fire strategically can significantly speed up your progression. Use Rapid Fire against tough enemies such as constructs, isolated elites, or bosses to deal massive single-target burst damage.


Skill Tree

Invest heavily in both Flurry and Rapid Fire. While you may start by focusing on Flurry in the early levels, allocate points to both skills as soon as possible. Flurry offers extra healing and useful upgrades, such as Improved Flowing for vulnerability spread and Stunning Strikes for stunning enemies. Rapid Fire gains additional critical chance and damage from evading, making it a devastating skill in the build.



  • Momentum: This passive grants damage reduction, movement speed, and energy regeneration. It is highly recommended for its overall strength, especially when procced by attacking from behind or freezing enemies.
  • Sturdy: This passive provides healing through Siphoning Strikes, contributing to your overall survivability.
  • Weapon Mastery: Maximize your damage output with this passive, which is beneficial for any rogue build.
  • Combo: This passive synergizes with Concussive Trigger and Rapid Gambits, granting additional critical damage when knocking down or dazing enemies. Daze enemies using skills like Shadow Slicer or Manglers to activate this bonus.


Paragon Setup

To maximize your damage output, focus on two primary skills: Rapid Fire and Flurry. Depending on the number of enemies, use Flurry for crowd control, and Rapid Fire for single-target damage. Additionally, allocate your Paragon points to specific boards to enhance your build further.


- Exploit Weakness (Paragon Board)

Allocate points to this board to gain up to 15% extra damage against vulnerable enemies. You'll also find other useful nodes like vulnerable damage, image reduction from vulnerable enemies, and Hunter Killer for extra Elite damage. Prioritize these nodes to optimize your build.


- Tricks of the Trade (Paragon Board)

Invest points in this board to benefit from the legendary note that provides various advantages. Notable nodes include broader (increased damage and damage reduction), Havoc (increased crit chance), and Glyph of Armor and Glyph of Focus. Further enhance these nodes with the Diminished Clivia for additional bonuses.


- No Witness with Exploit (Paragon Board)

Allocate a few points in this board to make enemies vulnerable. While using Flurry, switch to Exploit to maximize damage output. Prioritize glyphs and ruin nodes to optimize your damage potential.


- Cunning Stratagem (Paragon Board)

Assign points to this board for the Turf node, which grants extra damage reduction from close targets. While the bonuses in this board might not be accessible in some cases, focus on obtaining the ones that benefit your playstyle.



To fully optimize your high-speed Rogue build, equip items that synergize with your skills and enhance your survivability. Here are some recommendations:


- Cheats Aspect (Chest)

Provides damage reduction from crackle rod enemies, which complements your fast attack speed.


- Shadow Slicer Aspect (Codex)

While it doesn't deal damage, the Shadow Clone it summons reduces the cooldown of your second Dash, allowing for increased mobility and potential crowd control.


- Other Aspects

Depending on your playstyle and available options, consider aspects such as Edge Muscles (always beneficial), Rapid (for increased attack speed), Corruption (for bigger Shadow movement explosions), and Soaking Blades (essential for increased damage).


Key Stats

Focus on obtaining items with stats like critical chance, crit damage, vulnerable, main stats, close damage, core damage, and attack speed. Prioritize skill ranks for Flurry and Rapid Fire, with Flurry taking precedence if you have to choose. For defensive stats, seek damage reduction, damage reduction from close/distant targets, and life.


Legendary Aspect Placement

While the exact placement of legendary aspects may vary depending on your preferences, consider the following options: Disobedience (amulet) for damage reduction, Analytical Retribution (amulet) for extra damage against stun targets, and Wind Striker (amulet) for movement speed and cooldown reduction.

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