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FFXIV Level 1-90 Upgrade Tips and Strategies: Efficient, Easy and Interesting | 2023

Welcome to this quick guide on leveling in Final Fantasy XIV. Leveling can be a repetitive process, but with a variety of methods, you can keep things interesting while progressing. This guide will provide you with some tips and strategies to level efficiently from level 1 to 90. Whether you're leveling an alt or your main job/class, these tips will help you speed up your leveling journey.


FFXIV Level 1-90 Upgrade Tips and Strategies: Efficient, Easy and Interesting | 2023


Leverage Leveling Bonuses

  • Boosted Server Bonus: If you're not attached to a specific server or data center, consider starting on a boosted server. This bonus significantly increases your leveling speed and eliminates leveling blocks or caps from the main scenario quests.
  • Armory Bonus: Leveling a job or class at least one level ahead of the one you want to level grants a 100% Armory Bonus for all experience rewards. Later, this bonus is reduced to 50%, but it's still a valuable way to increase leveling speed when you need more main scenario quest experience points.
  • Pre-Order Earrings: If you have access to pre-order earrings, equip them to boost your experience gain and gain some additional stats.
  • Free Company Actions: Join a free company that offers actions like Heat of Battle, which can increase your experience gains from killing enemies by up to 15%.
  • Squadron Battle Manuals: Once you reach level 15 with any fighting class or job, participate in squadron missions to obtain squadron battle manuals, providing a solid 20% experience boost.


Utilize Features

  • Novice Hall Feature: Participate in the novice hall feature by talking to an NPC near an innkeeper in major cities. This will allow you to learn the game basics and reward you with a brand new ring that grants an additional 30% kill experience bonus until level 30.
  • Food Buffs: Remember to consider the basic 3% experience buff from consuming food. You can easily obtain this bonus by purchasing boiled eggs and having them in your inventory.
  • Rested Bonus: Log out in city areas or be AFK in Limsa Lominsa to accumulate rested bonus experience, granting a 50% experience boost. While this bonus depletes quickly when playing, it's still helpful when not actively leveling.


Leveling from 1 to 20

  • Please focus on the main scenario quest, as it covers your leveling needs until the end game.
  • Complete your hunting log targets as they provide a significant experience boost.
  • If you encounter fates while traveling, participate in them for additional experience.
  • Once you unlock dungeons, prioritize them to progress faster.


Leveling from 21 to 60

  • Continue with the main scenario quest and side activities for all jobs.
  • Keep doing fates, levequests, and progressing your hunting log.
  • If you've unlocked squadron command missions, grind them for a significant experience boost.
  • Consider Palace of the Dead as an alternative leveling method.
  • For levels 26-36, complete the Adam and Toys Tiers levequest in Camp Tranquil for a substantial experience boost.


Leveling from 61 to 70

  • Heaven-on-High becomes available as an alternative to Stormblood Dungeons. It offers more experience points, so give it a try.
  • Include the tribe dailies (Pixies) for quick and rewarding experience gains.
  • Shadowbringers' Beast Tribe quests are also worth doing for a good chunk of experience.
  • Consider the Bozjan Southern Front for leveling if you've unlocked the Shadowbringers relic content.


Leveling from 71 to 80

  • Continue focusing on dungeons, trust parties, and FATEs. The Trust system can be helpful when queuing times for dungeons are long.
  • Also, consider doing Beast Tribe quests and FATEs during queue times, as they have enhanced FF14 rewards and endgame relevance.


Leveling from 81 to 90

  • The leveling formula remains the same: Prioritize Dungeons, Beast Tribe quests, and FATEs.
  • Take advantage of weekly and daily bonuses, such as Duty Roulette, especially the leveling and Alliance Raid Roulettes. These bonuses can provide significant experience gains.


Note: Remember to consult your duty roulette regularly and participate in weekly bonuses to level efficiently without actively grinding. By following these tips and incorporating various methods, you'll reach level 90 in no time.



Remember to check your weekly and daily tasks and participate in endgame content, as they can contribute to your leveling progress. By following these tips and leveraging the various bonuses and methods available, you can level your alts or main jobs/classes efficiently and enjoy the journey in Final Fantasy XIV. 

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