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PoE Voll's Vision and Kaom's Spirit Guides: Power of an Unexpected Unique Item

Path of Exile certain items receive significant buffs that completely shift the metagame. While Voll's Vision may not have reached that level yet, it has become one of the most sought-after helmets in the game with its recent rise to popularity in Patch 3.21. In this guide, we'll explore why this underestimated item has gained such widespread usage and its impact on character builds.

PoE Voll


The Evolution of Voll's Vision

In Patch 3.19, Voll's Vision received a substantial buff. Previously, it granted a marginal 100 life per second regeneration if no equipped items were corrupted, making it unappealing for end-game characters. However, the buff quadrupled the effectiveness of this mod, turning it into a significant 400 life per second regeneration. While this improvement alone wasn't enough to make it a game-changer, another item introduced in the same patch was the key to unlocking its potential.


The Power of Kaom's Spirit

Kaom's Spirit, a set of gloves introduced in Patch 3.19, is arguably one of the most powerful gloves in the game. It transforms your character's life regeneration into rage generation. By default, only the Berserker ascendancy class could generate rage, but Kaom's Spirit opened up this mechanic to all classes. This glove provides an exceptional amount of rage, but at the cost of turning off all life recovery from regeneration. Instead, characters relying on Kaom's Spirit become dependent on leech to recover life.


The Berserk Connection

The introduction of Kaom's Spirit synergizes with the skill gem Berserk. Berserk constantly drains rage while active but provides significant benefits, including more attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, and reduced damage taken. However, most characters can only sustain Berserk for a few seconds at a time before running out of rage. Here's where Kaom's Spirit shines—it allows characters to quickly regain rage after Berserk finishes, enabling them to activate the skill gem more frequently.


Voll's Vision: The Missing Piece

Voll's Vision acts as the final puzzle piece that brings everything together. However, utilizing it comes at a moderate opportunity cost. Equipping this helmet prevents the use of powerful vile implicits on other gear, and the stats on Voll's Vision itself are not particularly impressive. Nonetheless, it offers a significant power boost to characters employing this strategy, making it one of the most popular helmets in Patch 3.21.


Popular Builds Utilizing Voll's Vision

Dead Eyes, specifically those using Herald of Agony as their chest skill and Lightning Arrow as their primary skill, overwhelmingly dominate the Voll's Vision user base. Analyzing level 100 characters, we find that approximately 1,286 players in the current Crucible League have Voll's Vision equipped, with most of them also utilizing Kaom's Spirit. However, there is also considerable build diversity within this setup. While the majority focuses on Harbinger Bow and Lightning Arrow, other variations include Lightning Arrow with Venom Gyre and various other skills like Artillery Ballista, Tornado Shot, Barrage, Frenzy, Ice Shot, and more.


Versatility and Other Successful Builds

Voll's Vision combined with Kaom's Spirit presents a highly versatile setup that can be utilized by a wide range of characters. Ranged attack characters benefit the most from this strategy since they often struggle to generate rage. However, there are successful builds that deviate from the typical Dead Eye archetype. These alternate builds, which exclude Harbinger Bow users, still boast a significant number of players who have achieved excellent results. Examples include Molten Strike, Cyclone, and other setups that leverage the Kaom's Spirit and Voll's Vision combination.



Kaom's Spirit and Voll's Vision offer a flexible and powerful synergy that has revolutionized various character builds in Path of Exile. While it may not be the best choice for every build, it is certainly worth considering for those looking to create a new character in the closing days of Patch 3.21 or for future updates. The unexpected rise in popularity of Voll's Vision demonstrates the potential for exciting and innovative results in Path of Exile. Just remember, be cautious when using valuable items in conjunction with Voll's Vision, and enjoy exploring the possibilities that this unique combination offers.

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