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Diablo 4 Guide: Improve Gameplay, Gear Choices and Alts

Diablo 4 has been out for some time now, and as players delve deeper into the game, they discover various aspects that can enhance their overall experience. In this guide, we will discuss some lesser-known facts and tips that can improve your gameplay, gear choices and preparation for battling the hordes of hell.

Diablo 4 Guide:  Improve Gameplay, Gear Choices and Alts


Vendors Can Offer Powerful Gear

Have you ever paid attention to what the vendors in Diablo 4 are selling? Starting at level 53, vendors will sell sacred gear, and at level 73, they offer ancestral gear. Although the gear they sell is random, it can occasionally be of incredibly high item power. Check the vendors periodically as they reset every hour. The weapon vendors and armor vendors across the entire map are synchronized, so checking one of each every hour can potentially lead to finding powerful items for a reasonable price.


Seek Out a Special Amulet

Throughout the game, named Elites drop items that can surpass the item power cap. While most of these items have fixed stats that are not class-specific, there is a unique amulet that can roll class-specific stats. This amulet can greatly benefit your build if obtained at the right time. It always has a guaranteed high bonus to maximum life and can be enchanted to reroll one of its three affixes. The amulet's power is based on your character's level, so it's best to acquire it when you're at a high level.


Utilize Duplicate Uniques for Alts

When a unique item drops, it will have a level requirement that matches your current character's level. If you receive a duplicate unique with better rolls and higher level requirements, don't sell off the lower level one. Instead, keep both versions. The lower level unique can be used on your alternate characters once they reach that level requirement. This way, your alts can benefit from powerful unique items early on, boosting their strength.


Optimize Stash Space with Alt Characters

Stash space can quickly become limited in Diablo 4, especially with numerous legendaries, gear pieces, and uniques to keep. To address this issue, create additional characters that you use solely for storage. These characters can act as mules, holding gear that you want to keep but don't need immediately. By utilizing the 10 character slots available, you can gain 33 bonus stash slots per character, significantly expanding your storage capacity.


The Aspect of Disobedience

The Aspect of Disobedience is a legendary aspect that is widely considered one of the best aspects in the game for all classes. This aspect provides a 0.5% increase to Maximum Armor every time you hit an enemy, stacking up to 50 bonus armor. This boost to armor is incredibly valuable for defense, especially in higher tier nightmare dungeons where low armor can lead to being one-shot by enemies. Consider using this aspect to bolster your survivability.


The Hidden Armor Cap

Diablo 4 has a hidden armor cap, which limits the effectiveness of armor against same-level enemies to 85% damage reduction. If your armor exceeds this cap, it becomes ineffective against enemies at the same level. However, enemies of higher levels do not respect this cap, so higher armor values are still valuable against them. Keep this in mind when assessing your defense and balancing your gear choices.


By utilizing these lesser-known aspects of Diablo 4, you can enhance your gameplay experience, optimize your gear choices, and make the most out of your character progression. 

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