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PoE Alteration Spamming Guide: Increase crafting success rate

In Path of Exile, alteration spamming is a commonly used technique for crafting items with specific modifiers. However, the traditional method of spamming alterations can be tedious and inefficient, often leading to undesired results. In this guide, we will explore a more efficient approach to alteration spamming, reducing the chances of rolling over the desired modifier. By following these tips, you can streamline your alteration spamming process and increase your chances of success.

PoE Alteration Spamming Guide: Increase crafting success rate


Avoid Traditional Alteration Spamming

Typically, players resort to alteration spamming by repeatedly using alterations on an item until the desired modifier appears. While this method may be suitable for rare and expensive items, it becomes impractical when dealing with multiple bases for Poe Currency profit crafting. We'll explore a more effective approach to alteration spamming for crafting multiple bases.


Utilizing Magic Items

Magic items have a distinct advantage when it comes to alteration spamming. By understanding how to use the name properties of magic items, you can streamline the process and increase efficiency. When you hover your cursor over a magic item, you'll notice that the name is written in a single line, making it easier to search using regular expressions (regex).


Highlighting Magic Item Prefixes and Suffixes

To effectively highlight the prefixes and suffixes of a magic item, you can use specific characters and words in your search. For instance, by typing the first few characters or the first word of the item, the item will be highlighted. Additionally, you can use a dollar sign ($) to search for an empty suffix. This technique helps identify the desired modifier you're looking for during alteration spamming.


Crafting for Open Suffixes

When alteration spamming, it is often necessary to identify items with open suffixes. By typing the last name of the item (e.g., "flask" for a Quicksilver Flask), followed by a dollar sign ($), you can highlight items with empty suffixes. This method enables you to efficiently identify the desired base item for crafting purposes.


Tag Names for Modifier Search

Each modifier in Path of Exile has a tag name associated with it. Understanding these tag names can significantly enhance your alteration spamming efficiency. By searching for specific tag names, such as "exalters" or using the exact tag name of the desired modifier, you can streamline the crafting process and focus on the modifiers you seek.


Using a Dedicated Crafting Tab

To further simplify the alteration spamming process, consider using a dedicated crafting tab. By Ctrl+Shift clicking alterations and augmentations into this tab, you can easily access them during the crafting process. This approach saves time and reduces the need to navigate between different tabs, especially when switching between alterations and augmentations.



By adopting a more efficient alteration spamming method, you can increase your crafting success rate in Path of Exile. While this guide primarily focuses on crafting specific amulets, the principles and techniques discussed can be applied to other items as well. Remember that alteration spamming for profit crafting may not be the most lucrative method, but it can still yield satisfactory results. Use this guide as a foundation to enhance your alteration spamming skills and embark on your crafting journey with increased efficiency.

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