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New World Season 2: Everything You Need To Know Changes and Challenges

Greetings, adventurers! Are you ready for the exciting new world of Season 2 in New World? Titled Blood of the Sands, this highly anticipated season is arriving sooner than expected, and we have all the important details and changes you need to know. In this guide, we'll dive into the fixes, general changes, weapon adjustments, perk updates, and various other improvements that await you in Season 2. So grab your gear, and let's embark on this epic journey together!


New World Season 2: Everything You Need To Know Changes and Challenges


Fixes (Thorpe, Human Bane Trophy)

  • Quest fixes: While there are many quest fixes, it is not mentioned specifically in the patch notes. However, it is safe to assume that some quest issues have been addressed.
  • Brimstone fixes: Similar to the quest fixes, there are no details provided. It is recommended to check if any specific issues you were facing have been resolved.
  • Expedition fixes: These fixes are mostly minor, but one notable change is that Captain Thorpe can no longer hit players behind him.
  • World AI fixes: The patch notes do not specify the exact fixes, so it is advisable to test out the AI behavior and see if any improvements have been made.
  • Sir Juni duplicate spawn: The duplicate spawn issue has been resolved, making it harder to farm the Human Bane major material weapon.
  • Weapon rates: The rates for major material weapons have been changed, although the reason for this change is unclear. However, this is positive as it reduces inventory space.
  • Flare and motor charge: These now deal stamina damage to blocking players, which is a result of a new block change.


General changes (Combat timer)

  • Combat timer: Players now leave combat after 10 seconds of inactivity following a Combat Action and one second after killing the final enemy they were engaged with. This change allows for quicker testing and equipment swapping.
  • Base HP increase: All players now have 10 increased base HP across all levels. This compensates for the removal of the Hail and Hardy Town buff. It is still being determined if the Stalwart perk received the same compensation.
  • Stamina recovery: The removal of the Starboard town buff has also resulted in slower stamina recovery. This change may affect gameplay, so keep an eye on your stamina usage.
  • Non-combat perk: The non-combat perk is now irrelevant, and only exhaust cost remains.


Blocking Changes

  • One-handed and Magic weapons: These can now block 50% of the damage from ranged attacks, with the remaining 50% causing stamina damage.
  • Two-handed weapons: They block 70% of the ranged damage, with 30% still going through as damage.
  • Shield mechanics: Shields still function as before, but movement speed while blocking has been slightly increased. Additionally, if you are exhausted from a block break (not from dodging), you will no longer experience movement speed reduction.


Weapon Changes

Blunderbuss, Bow, Fire Staff, Great Axe, Greatsword, Hatchet, Ice Gauntlet, Life Staff, Musket, Sword & Shield, Spear, Void Gauntlet, War Hammer, Rapier


Weapons Changes
  • No longer able to stack all stacks of empowering breakers in a single shot
  • Range increase of one meter to blast shot
  • Randolph arrows receive numerous buffs, including animation speed, bleed damage, cooldown time, and radius.
  • Changes to left tree: Dodge and weave only triggers at full stamina, knee shot is now rendering headshot, evasive tactics become the ultimate
Fire Staff
  • Incinerate: reduced recovery of attack, pushback removed, stagger added, damage reduced to account for stagger
  • Other fixes and changes to various abilities
Great Axe
  • Execute timing changed, and cooldown reduced for Whirlwind, block dodge, and cancel window now possible after the first spin, movement speed increased during ability, first hit damage increase for reap.
  • Stance lasts properly now, adjusted range deflection passive to reduce block stamina damage, base damage of Greatsword decreased, increase in fortify power and duration for wearing rupture.
  • Fix for headshot transition in Hatchet social distancing, damage increase for infected throw and running throw, block cancel added for raging torrent.
Ice Gauntlet
  • Fix for ice pylon destruction upon unequipping, grid added for the windshield, increase in damage for windshield, stamina gain and cost changes for blocking.
Life Staff
  • Healing per buff increased for light's embrace, duration increase and fortify offset for sacred protection, changes to the splash of light and shared recovery update.
  • Crosshair update for better visibility, upgrades for PowerShot and powder burn to remove dedicated reload requirement, cooldown activation change.
Sword & Shield
  • Various fixes and adjustments, changes to abilities including faster attack animations, increased hitbox size, and improved redirecting of attacks.
  • Cyclone receives significant damage increase, improvements to attack speed and hitbox size, Dodge block cancel window added, changes to a perforate and defensive formation.
Void Gauntlet
  • Harvest triggers quicker, the addition of void blade grid node, baleful tether remains active when swapping weapons.
War Hammer
  • Fix for a double hit, adjustments to mighty gavel and armor breaker including timing changes, increased power of rend for lasting trauma, opening act works against targets above 70 health.
  • Flurry damage distributed evenly across all hits, the addition of grit and improved homing, changes to proper spacing condition for tondo


Note: These changes are subject to player experience, and further balance adjustments may occur in the future.


Perk Changes

  • Empowered! perk now only applies to abilities, not weapons.
  • Invigorated Punishment perk now only applies to abilities.
  • Sporting Strikes can now roll on Void Gauntlets.
  • Various fixes to perk durations, ensuring they work as intended.


Invasion Changes

  • Players can now purchase Siege weapons without issues.
  • Invasions now have a 10-minute preparation time, and the total wave time is reduced to 25 minutes.
  • The difficulty of earlier waves has been increased to provide a smoother challenge progression.
  • Some players find the changes to be underwhelming, as it still takes a long time to complete invasions.


OPR Changes

  • Defensive end damage capabilities of Siege weapons increased by 20.
  • Base range thrust damage resistance for all Gates increased by roughly 30.
  • The corrupted portal event now requires players to kill all enemies before closing the portal, granting a brute summon token.
  • Summons can now be farmed directly from various mobs.
  • Baroness encounter in OPR now requires players to interact with a gate to access her, preventing long-range kill stealing.
  • Adjustments made to scoring, AI, and capturing points in OPR.
  • Players now drop only half of their resources on death.


3v3 Arena Changes

  • New 3v3 Arena was added, with a two-week rotation.
  • Completing the first Arena grants an extra weapon or armor as a reward.
  • Asos Assault and PvP XP rewards increased based on the number of rounds won.
  • Recommend trying out the new map.


Open World PvP Changes

  • Consistent PvP XP and Avos gains of 800 after 10 minutes of active PvP.
  • Weapons and ammo can now drop from open world PvP encounters.
  • New World Tokens can be used to craft items from open world PvP drops.
  • Tokens drop at 500 gear score, which may be an oversight.
  • Open world PvP changes may be further expanded in the next release.


Sellable PvP Craft Mods

  • PvP trade skill perk items are no longer non-pickup, allowing others to craft for PvP players.
  • Players can trade resources or have others craft items for them.


Faction Shop & Ultimate Trophy

  • Faction store items have been overhauled with adjusted gear scores and prices.
  • Faction vendors now offer new items for purchase, including mastery guides, faction-specific armor skins, and gathering tools.
  • Ultimate Trophy now has the ability to convert to a single other state.
  • Price changes and refreshes may still occur.


Open World PvP Changes Part 2

  • PvP loot drops in open world PvP encounters.
  • New materials can be obtained from killing players in open world PvP.
  • Faction vendors sell these materials at Rank 4 and 5, but they are expensive.
  • Open world PvP focus may increase in the next release.


PvP Reward Track Changes

  • PvP reward track now has predetermined options from rank 0 to 20.
  • Consistent rewards at every even, odd, and fifth level, including named and Prestige weapons, armor, potions, and more.
  • New Prestige jewelry, emotes, armor sets, crafting mods, and gypsum cards were added.
  • Suitable for new players and offers valuable rewards.


No more Ward + Resil (except crafting)

  • Perk availability has been changed, with items now using curated perks based on activity type (PvE or PvP).
  • Unhelpful perk combinations like Lost Ward with Resilient are prevented in most cases.
  • Crafting recipes, except for Expeditions and PvP replicas, still use the old perk buckets.
  • Crafting recipes may be updated in the future.


OPR & War Rewards

  • OPR now gives more umbral shots, although the exact amount is not specified.
  • Equipment obtained as rewards from war and OPR can now be upgraded to Legendary using umbral shots.
  • OPI can now drop armor and weapon crafting patterns with unique appearances and fixed perks for each type of activity.


Corrupted Breaches Rewards

  • Corrupted breaches now drop new armored weapons with guaranteed family Bane or Ward perk.
  • The appearances from previous corrupted breaches can still be obtained.
  • New Elite items can also drop from corrupted breaches, with an increased chance to roll perks compared to standard items.
  • Elite items can be upgraded to Legendary using umbral shots.


Artisan Gear (Craftable)

  • Artisan gear is now craftable, offering okay gear with unique perks.
  • Gathering tools feature corresponding discipline luck and yield perks.
  • The Artisan Satchel has lasting consumption luck, and Asoth attuned perks.
  • Some weapons and shields are powerful, but changes may have been made to PTR.


New Gatherable Resource (Expansion Hint?)

  • A new rare item can be obtained while gathering, granting Gathering trade skill XP.
  • Currently available in three rarities, with the highest rarity from Ori and platinum veins.
  • Speculation suggests the possibility of a new tier of resources in the expansion.


Fishing Overhaul

  • Fishing has undergone major changes, including the removal of the celebration zoom for an uncommon refresh.
  • The time to get a nibble when using bait has been reduced and the tension recovery for tier 3-5 fishing poles has been buffed.
  • New treasures and treasure chests have been added, some containing armor sets tailored towards fishing.
  • Legendary bait, big anchors, and new fish have also been introduced.


Gypsum Crafting Changes

  • Gypsum crafting now guarantees a legendary item using gypsum cast and umbral shots.
  • Perks applied to gypsum cast gear have been adjusted to optimize the item stats.
  • Some items have been re-added as drops, and the tier 5 ether staff is now legendary.


Season Pass Changes

  • The new season journey offers more tasks and increased season XP rewards.
  • The activity card has additional tasks and filters for more flexibility.
  • The experience given from season challenges has increased.



  • Several fixes have been made to the season pass, visuals, and general issues.
  • Focus may now give higher fish quality or fishing luck.
  • Known issues include missing times and achievements, loading issues in the egg chamber, and inability to swap gear sets in 3D Arenas.


QoL Improvements: Gear search filter

The gear search filter feature is a valuable tool that enables players to search for specific perks and gems in their inventory. This can be accessed through the search bar in the inventory interface. Type in the desired perk or gem name, and the game will filter the inventory to display the relevant items. This saves time and makes it more convenient to find the desired gear quickly.

  • Map Filters: Another noteworthy quality of life improvement is the addition of map filters. Players can now apply filters to the in-game map, allowing them to customize their view and focus on specific locations or objectives. This feature enhances navigation and helps players stay organized during their gameplay.
  • Group Roles: While it was already possible to assign roles within a group, the recent update introduced a more accessible way to choose roles. By clicking on the three dots located under the group icons on the left side of the screen, players can easily select their desired role. This functionality is particularly useful during raids or group activities where specific roles are crucial for success.
  • Audio and Dialogue Fixes: The update also includes various audio fixes, improving the overall sound experience in the game. Additionally, some dialogue fixes and additions have been implemented to enhance the storytelling aspect of the game.


Known Issues

It's important to note that despite these improvements, there are still some known issues that the developers are working on resolving. These issues include:

  1. Players missing all-time achievements or online friends not refreshing properly.
  2. Extended loading times (5 to 10 minutes) when entering or exiting the egg chamber during the Seasons Quest "Empty Nest". Restarting the game might alleviate this issue.
  3. Inability to swap entire gear sets in 3D Arenas, limiting players to swapping individual gear pieces.



New World Season 2,Blood of the Sands, brings a plethora of exciting changes and improvements to the game. From quest fixes and weapon adjustments to perk updates and new content, this season is sure to keep adventurers engaged and enthralled. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your journey, Season 2 offers something for everyone. So gather your allies, sharpen your weapons, and dive into the thrilling world of the New World. 

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