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Poe Jungle Valley Maps Guide: Optimizing Farming Currency Strategy

In this guide, we will explore an efficient currency farming strategy in Path of Exile using Jungle Valley maps. This strategy combines the use of twisted map outlets, Delirium, and Ritual mechanics to maximize profits. We will delve into the details of running these maps and optimizing your currency gains without incurring significant costs. Join us on this profitable journey as we explore the potential of this no-cost-related strategy.

Poe Jungle Valley Maps Guide: Optimizing Farming Currency Strategy


Map Setup

To begin, we start with a collection of 100+ Jungle Valley maps modified with twisted map outlets. This modification allows us to alter the map's outcomes and increase our chances of obtaining valuable rewards. By removing the Growing Hordes modifier and running Stream of Consciousness, we focus on generating Delirium and Ritual encounters while maintaining a slightly reduced pack size. It's important to note that the Delirium modifier is enabled for increased rewards.


Currency Investment

For this strategy, the only currency investment required is in Alchemy Orbs. However, since the returns from the map runs cover the cost of Alchemy Orbs, the strategy can be considered self-sustaining. Keep in mind that other items such as Alchemy Worms may be used, but they do not significantly impact the profitability of the strategy.


Running the Maps

Let's walk through a sample map run to illustrate the process. While running the maps, we focus on acquiring valuable currency items such as Exalted Orbs, Chaos Orbs, and valuable divination cards. Additionally, Essence encounters provide consistent profit, especially in the late stages of the league when Essence items are in high demand.


During the map run, it's important to clear the entire map thoroughly to maximize potential drops. Pay attention to valuable mods such as Cartographer's Chisels, as they can be stockpiled for future use in farming Strand maps.


Monitoring the Profits

After completing each map, we evaluate the profits obtained. By collecting and storing all valuable items in a dedicated tab, we can easily track our gains. Assess the profitability of each run, considering the amount of Poe currency dropped and the value of other valuable items obtained, such as powerful essences, divination cards, and unique items.


Calculating the Profits

To determine the overall profitability of the strategy, we need to consider the currency invested and the returns acquired. By factoring in the costs of Alchemy Orbs and any other expenses, we can calculate the net profit from the map runs. In our example, we exclude the costs associated with Incandescent Invitations due to their lower value. However, the total profit will still be considerable, as indicated by the significant returns observed throughout the guide.


Additional Highlights

Throughout the map runs, we encounter various highlights, such as valuable drops and unique items. These additional gains further contribute to the overall profitability of the strategy. Divine Orbs, Empower Support Gems, and rare shields like Steelskin Tower Shield add significant value to the loot acquired. These highlights, when combined with the primary currency drops, make this strategy an excellent choice for currency farming.


Gambling with the Loot

As part of the loot acquired during the map runs, we may encounter valuable items that offer potential for further profit through gambling or selling. Items such as Lethal Pride, Anointed Blighted Maps, and valuable Divination Cards can be gambled or sold to increase the overall returns of the strategy. Carefully consider the market prices and item rarities before making decisions on gambling or selling.



In this guide, we explored a highly efficient Poe currency farming strategy using Jungle Valley maps in Path of Exile. By leveraging twisted map outlets, Delirium, and Ritual encounters, we optimized our profit margins while minimizing costs. Throughout our map runs, we witnessed significant returns, including valuable poe currency drops, powerful essences, unique items, and other highlights. With careful calculation and evaluation, this strategy proves to be a highly profitable endeavor. Whether you're aiming to amass wealth or support your build, this currency farming guide will undoubtedly be an asset in your Path of Exile journey.

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