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PoE Tornado Shot Build: The Most Popular Bow Skill Guides

In the vast realm of Path of Exile, there exists a skill that has captured the hearts of countless players—the mighty Tornado Shot. This bow skill stands above the rest, known for its versatility and unrivaled power. In this guide, we will delve into why Tornado Shot has become the most popular bow skill in the game, capable of decimating any content thrown its way. Join us as we explore the mechanics, strategies, and sheer awesomeness of this skill that has become the cornerstone of many Exiles' journeys.



PoE Tornado Shot Build: The Most Popular Bow Skill Guides


What is Tornado Shot?

Tornado Shot is a ranged attack skill in Path of Exile that fires a piercing arrow that explodes upon reaching its destination. This explosion releases a flurry of secondary projectiles that rain down upon nearby enemies, dealing devastating damage. Unlike other skills, Tornado Shot's true strength lies in its ability to hit multiple targets simultaneously, making it ideal for clearing large groups of monsters and covering a wide area with lethal precision.


The Mechanics of Tornado Shot

When using Tornado Shot, the initial arrow itself does not deal damage. Instead, it serves as a marker for the explosion and subsequent release of secondary projectiles. These secondary projectiles are what cause the true devastation, as they can hit enemies multiple times, thanks to the skill's mechanics.


Scaling the Skill: Projectiles and Projectile Speed

One of the key factors that make Tornado Shot so powerful is its scalability through the number of projectiles and projectile speed. By increasing the number of projectiles, players can ensure that more secondary projectiles are released, increasing the likelihood of hitting enemies multiple times. This scalability allows Tornado Shot to surpass most other skills in terms of damage potential.


The Power of Hatred

Hatred, an aura skill gem, plays a crucial role in enhancing the damage output of Tornado Shot. By converting a portion of the skill's physical damage to cold damage, Hatred significantly boosts the overall damage dealt. Additionally, Hatred provides a substantial damage multiplier, making it an essential part of any Tornado Shot build.


Off-Screening: The Art of Destruction

Tornado Shot's exceptional projectile speed enables players to effectively "off-screen" enemies, meaning they can kill monsters that are not even visible on the screen. This capability allows for unparalleled safety and efficiency while clearing maps, as players can eliminate threats without exposing themselves to immediate danger.


Example Build PoB Link


The Gems and Gear of a Tornado Shot Build

To fully unlock the potential of Tornado Shot, it is essential to carefully select the appropriate gems and gear. The choice of support gems, such as Greater Multiple Projectiles (GMP) and Hypothermia, can significantly increase damage output. Additionally, specific unique items and modifiers that enhance projectile damage and speed can further augment the build's power.


Understanding Far Shot and Optimal Projectile Placement

Far Shot is a notable passive skill that synergizes perfectly with Tornado Shot. It allows the secondary projectiles to travel a considerable distance, granting players unparalleled coverage and the ability to hit targets from a safe distance. Mastering optimal projectile placement becomes crucial for maximizing the number of hits and dealing the most damage.


Maximizing Damage: The Importance of Additional Projectiles

Adding more projectiles to Tornado Shot might seem counterintuitive due to the less projectile damage modifier on the gem, but it is, in fact, a crucial aspect of maximizing damage output. The additional projectiles greatly increase the chances of hitting enemies and synergize with other modifiers and support gems to create a devastating barrage of arrows.


Exploring the Potential: Scaling Elemental Penetration with Crystalline Omniscience

Crystalline Omniscience, a unique jewel, offers an opportunity to further enhance the damage potential of Tornado Shot by providing substantial elemental penetration. This jewel allows players to bypass enemy resistances, ensuring that their arrows strike true and deal maximum damage. By wisely allocating passive skill points and utilizing this jewel, the build's damage output can reach astronomical levels.


The Tornado Shot Build in Action: Showcasing Its Dominance

Witnessing the might of a fully optimized Tornado Shot build is a sight to behold. With immense damage per second (DPS) and the ability to obliterate even the toughest bosses, this build leaves no doubt as to why it has become the go-to choice for many skilled Exiles. The unparalleled screen coverage and off-screen destruction make Tornado Shot the pinnacle of bow builds.


Why Tornado Shot Remains So Popular: A Community Perspective

The enduring popularity of Tornado Shot is rooted in its versatility, power, and the sheer thrill it provides to players. Many community members have built their entire identities around this skill, constantly pushing its boundaries and discovering new ways to optimize its performance. From Farming Poe Currency in map clearing to boss fights, Tornado Shot shines in all aspects of the game.


The Limitations of Tornado Shot

While Tornado Shot is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, it does have some limitations. The skill requires careful positioning and aiming to maximize damage, and players must invest in specific gear and passive skills to unleash its full potential. Additionally, certain boss encounters and mechanics may pose challenges that demand additional strategies or skill swaps.



In the ever-evolving landscape of Path of Exile, Tornado Shot remains a force of nature. Its overwhelming popularity among players stems from its unmatched power, versatility, and the satisfaction it brings to those who wield it. With its incredible damage potential, off-screening capabilities, and the thrill of watching hordes of enemies fall before you, Tornado Shot stands as a testament to the brilliance of this iconic bow skill.

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