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What are some of the most haunting horror stories in FFXIV, 2023?

The world of FF14 is known for its captivating storylines and memorable characters. However, beneath its surface lies a darker side filled with terrifying tales that add an element of horror to the land of Eorzea. In this guide, we will explore 5 of the most horrifying stories from FFXIV, shedding light on the macabre and chilling aspects of the game's lore. Brace yourself as we delve into these unsettling narratives and discover the hidden horrors within FF14.


What are some of the most haunting horror stories in FFXIV, 2023?


Dusk Vigil

Dusk Vigil, a level 51 dungeon, marks the first dungeon players encounter upon reaching the Heavensward expansion. While it may not initially appear terrifying, the dungeon's lore reveals a haunting tale. As you explore the dungeon, you come across torn journal pages that unveil the dark history of Dusk Vigil.


It was once a fortress commanded by Sir Alberic Bale, who faced immense challenges during the Seventh Umbral Calamity. The fortress became isolated, and its inhabitants fell into despair and madness. A mutiny ensued, resulting in cannibalism among the remaining soldiers. The commander's wife was accused of heresy and tortured, further adding to the tragedy. The dungeon's eerie atmosphere, coupled with its grim backstory, makes Dusk Vigil a truly horrifying experience.


Eulmore and the Pixies

While Eulmore may initially appear beautiful, the Pixies that inhabit this location harbor a dark secret. These mischievous creatures, resembling traditional fairies, are actually the spirits of deceased children. They delight in playing cruel games with travelers, turning those who fail or refuse to comply into leafmen. The false, frog-like creatures known as Floses, found within Eulmore, are notorious for bringing chaos and danger. The Pixies' games often have lethal intentions, and they possess a penchant for changing the rules at will. Their history of deceit and malevolence adds a chilling aspect to Eulmore's otherwise enchanting facade.


Dragonsong's Reprise: The Ultimate Fight

DragonSong's Reprise, an ultimate-level battle, presents players with a harrowing alternate timeline. In this scenario, Hraesvelgr, a prominent character, survives instead of being killed. This altered chain of events allows Nidhogg, the vengeful dragon, to gain more power by absorbing other dragons. The player's group faces the immense challenge of battling both Nidhogg and his enslaved father, Hraesvelgr. The tragedy lies in the countless deaths and destruction caused by this alternate timeline, emphasizing the profound impact of the original storyline.


Telophoroi's Towers

Telophoroi's Towers were constructed by the Ascian, Emet-Selch, to siphon the life energy of nearby residents. These towers served as factories for the creation of Luna Primals, beings formed by tempering individuals who enter the towers. The process of tempering, a horrifying experience, involves altering the victim's ether to match that of the tempering entity.


Those tempered become fully aware of their predicament but are unable to resist. The smaller towers transfer the gathered aether to the main tower, the Tower of Babil, housing the primal Anima. Anima, created from the corpse of Emperor Varis, controls and influences the other towers, perpetuating a cycle of suffering and enslavement.


The Haunting of Temptara

Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, a doomsday cult took over Deepcroft. Led by the fallen god, the Lambs of Dalamud sought vengeance for their destroyed deity. Adventurers, including the ill-fated party of Avyr, Era, and Pale, attempted to purge the cult. After Avyr's decapitation, Era descended into madness and practiced necromancy in an attempt to revive her lover. The twisted wedding within the depths of Deepcroft reveals Era's horrifying transformation and her plan to use the player's body as a vessel for Avyr's resurrection. The battle against this twisted form of Avyr highlights the depths of despair and darkness that can consume even the most devoted hearts.



Final Fantasy XIV's captivating storytelling often ventures into the realm of horror, introducing players to chilling tales that lurk within the world of Eorzea. From the tragic history of Dusk Vigil to the manipulative games of the Pixies, these stories add an unsettling layer to the game's narrative. The alternate timelines, the sinister Towers of Fanow, and the haunting presence within Temptara's depths remind players that even in a magical world, darkness and horror can manifest. Embrace the eerie and venture into the unknown as you explore the darker side of Final Fantasy XIV's lore.

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