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FFXIV Las Vegas Fan Fest: 2023 Schedule of Activities, Panels and Performances

If you're a passionate fan of FFXIV, get ready to be thrilled by the upcoming Las Vegas Fan Fest event. In this guide, we'll walk you through the schedule of activities, panels, and performances so you can make the most of your Fanfest experience. Whether you're attending in person or following the livestream, there's plenty to look forward to, including the highly anticipated Keynote, cosplay showcase, insightful panels, and mesmerizing concerts.



FFXIV Las Vegas Fan Fest: 2023 Schedule of Activities, Panels and Performances


Keynote (Day 1 - Friday)

The Keynote is the most important part of Fanfest, where the director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, takes the stage to make significant announcements. It's where you'll get the first glimpse of what to expect in FFXIV 7.0. The Keynote will be streamed on both the official Final Fantasy 14 YouTube channel and Twitch on the 28th of July. It will also be streamed on the 29th of July for those who missed it.


Opening Ceremony (Day 1 - Friday)

Following the Keynote, there will be an Opening Ceremony where the event organizers will discuss what's in store for attendees throughout the event. This will set the tone for the rest of the schedule and welcome fans into the experience.


Realm Revisited (Day 1 - Friday)

In celebration of the game's upcoming 10th anniversary, the North American Community team will host a panel called "Realm Revisited". They will take a nostalgic look back at the impactful updates made to FFXIV over the years. Expect a trip down memory lane filled with grand moments and community memes.


Beginning from the End: The Annotated Endwalker (Day 1 - Friday)

Join members of the development team, including Natsuko Ishikawa and Naoki Yoshida, as they delve into the creation of FFXIV's latest expansion, Endwalker. This panel will provide insights into the lore and writing aspects of the expansion, making it a must-see for lore enthusiasts.


Glamoured to Life (Day 1 - Friday)

Experience the magic of cosplay as FFXIV cosplayers of all skill levels showcase their creations on stage. Months of hard work and dedication go into crafting these costumes, so take the chance to appreciate their craftsmanship.


Piano Performance (Day 1 - Friday)

Unwind and enjoy a delightful piano performance. This event will feature Masayoshi Soken and Matt Hilton, known for his impressive piano skills. Unfortunately, this performance will not be broadcast, so if you're attending in person, consider yourself fortunate.


Letter from the Producer Live (Day 2 - Saturday)

On the second day of Fanfest, Naoki Yoshida will host a live letter on stage. This is where the development team provides in-depth details about upcoming content and teases what's to come in FFXIV 7.0. Expect exciting announcements, sneak peeks, and a closer look at the game's future.


Crystalline Conflict Regional Championships (Day 2 - Saturday)

Watch as four semi-finalist teams compete on the main stage for the title of North American champions in the Crystalline Conflict Regional Championships. This intense PvP event will be presented by Naoki Yoshida, Aya Montoya, Brian Ricardo, and Frosty, promising an entertaining competition.


Speaking the Language of Creation (Day 2 - Saturday)

Language plays a vital role in bringing FFXIV's expansive story to global audiences. Join Kate Sinwa, the English localization lead, and Michael Christopher, along with Koji Fox, to gain insights into the collaboration and creativity behind the game's translation efforts. Koji Fox, known for his puns, will surely bring some entertainment to the panel.


The Primals Live in Concert (Day 3 - Sunday)

Wrap up the Fanfest experience with a live concert featuring The Primals. This in-house band, including developers and Koji Fox on vocals, will mesmerize you with their incredible music. Unfortunately, the concert will not be broadcast so that attendees will have an exclusive experience.



Remember that all panels and events, except for the concerts, will be broadcasted on the official Final Fantasy 14 YouTube channel and Twitch. Adjust the timing based on your time zone, and make sure to check the official lodestone article for detailed information. Whether you're attending in person or watching the streams, FFXIV Fanfest Las Vegas 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans. Enjoy the announcements, panels, cosplay, and performances, and embrace the excitement for FFXIV 7.0!

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